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What to believe: The two versions to Egghead Odewale’s (@eggheader) arrest

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What to believe: The two versions to Egghead Odewale’s (@eggheader) arrest

by Stanley Azuakola

On Saturday, Egghead Odewale, a special adviser to the governor of Ekiti, Kayode Fayemi, was arrested by policemen in Katsina. Odewale, who is a popular figure on social media, especially Twitter was arrested alongside his colleague, Ibrahim Olarotimi. The two men who were arrested around 10am were released after about six hours of interrogation.

But why was Odewale and Ibrahim arrested?

According to Odewale, he and his colleague were travelling by road from Katsina to Kano when they sighted the Lamba Wind Mill Plant. The plant is still under construction but has capacity to generate 10MW. The duo decided to take a few pictures but before long, some policemen arrived, searched their vehicles and took them to the police station.

The plant has been under close watch since December 2012 when a French consultant with the project consultants was kidnapped. The consultant hasn’t been seen since.

Odewale and Ibrahim were first moved to the Rimi Divisional Police Station, and from there to the Katsina State Criminal Investigations Department (CID), where they went through various levels of interrogation. They were made to write statements.

Eventually, after interventions from various Nigerians, including the Special Adviser to President Jonathan on Media and Publicity, Reuben Abati, the duo were released.

Abati however cast doubts about Odewale’s claim that they were only taking pictures at the wind mill. The presidential spokesman said: “The police also have a duty. Egghead and Ibrahim were ¬†taking pictures of locations that had implications for national security and foreign relations.”

On Twitter, in response to a question after the release of Odewale and Ibrahim, Abati had this to say, “Don’t be stupid. He and his colleague were not taking pictures of a windmill. Ask dem to tell you the truth. They’re out.”

Odewale immediately took exception to Abati’s insinuations: “I like to assure Mr Abati that I don’t endorse any insults hurled at him but I also take exception to his sweeping insinuations.”

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