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Hauwa Mundi: Islam is all we’ve got


Hauwa Mundi: Islam is all we’ve got

by Hauwa Mundi

We could kill who ever dares to speak evil of our Prophet, yes! We could kill them with our smiles, goodness and kindness.

People always ask why it becomes really personal for the Northern Muslim where his religion is concerned.

Well, one can’t really understand the sentimental attachment that exists between the average Northern Muslim and his Deen (Faith). Being a Northerner, I have always wondered how life was before the coming of Islam. The fact is, the Arabs did a very good job inculcating in us what has now become a very sensitive part of our lives. The reason things never get so tensed in other parts of the country is that they didn’t let go completely of their cultures and traditions, despite their embracing foreign religion. However, what we have in the north is entirely different. Islam is all we’ve got. Most times we try to do things the ancient way, we still find ourselves doing them the Arab way as could be seen in our wedding ceremonies.

We have lost touch of our cultures and traditions; and swallowed hook, line, and sinker what the Arabs brought to us. And now it is our way of life, we eat, drink, walk, sleep, talk, do and breathe Islam. The Arabs so far have done what the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) instructed us to do: seek knowledge no matter how far it is from us, move along with the times, get civilized and use whatever we have at our disposal for the benefit of our religion. But have we?

The place of language and religion has not been clearly distinguished. Arabic is treated as though it is superior to other languages. So if a non Muslim speaks in Arabic, it is seen as blasphemy, even when the Muslim spoken to does not understand the language. Ignorant of the fact that it is a language and it is studied and learnt just like any other language on earth.

The fact also that Islam came to Nigeria through the North, where Hausa is the predominant language, makes us proud and assume that all other languages are ‘inferior’ to ours and the people cannot possibly understand Islam as well as we do. Wrong indoctrination as a result of the proliferation of the religion has also contributed to the misconception of Islam. Most Islamic Scholars have taught according to their understanding of the Books which of course were written in Arabic, and since we assume that they (the Islamic Scholars) are our only link to understanding the religion, we do not question them but accept as they have taught us.

Truly, as Muslims, our faith is the most important thing to us; however I am forced to believe Muslims have become paranoid over time.

We have become so sensitive that the world now knows our weakness. We must learn to overlook certain things being humans that we are. Indeed we must fight when our beloved Prophet (PBUH) is insulted, but fighting doesn’t always mean violence. By Allah, we could fight with our smiles and our kindness towards he who has humiliated us.

We could kill who ever dares to speak evil of our Prophet, yes! We could kill them with our smiles, goodness and kindness. We can blow them up , but not with explosives. We can blow their minds with the peace and love that Allah has bestowed upon us. Why must we blow up innocent children and women who have done us no wrong, when our Prophet Muhammad has clearly stated that even in war times if the ‘enemy’ runs into his place of worship for succour, he must be spared.

Though we know the situation in Northern Nigeria is largely influenced by politics, but how many people would understand when we have already been tagged terrorists, people who enjoy blowing themselves up? Despite the bad name we have been given, Islam still spreads like wild fire. So why do we need to be used as agents of destruction? We must learn to be diplomatic in our affairs, so people can see the beauty of Islam.

“O mankind, we have created you all from a single (pair of a) male and female and made you nations and tribes so that you get to know one another; verily, the noblest of you in the sight of God is the one who is most mindful of Him. God is All-Knowing, All-Aware” Qur’an 49:13

Surely in His Might God created us differently so we can be appreciative of one another. If He had wanted us all to be same, He would have done it. “Islam is a religion of peace”…. has become a cliché and it is time we started showing it, rather than bore people with those words. The world needs to see us as the Peace Ambassadors that we are.

It is not in our place to fight for God. But it is our duty to please Him with our good works. Protect your non Muslim neighbors, give them charity if they are needy, give them gifts and advise them in what benefits them so they can see the beauty of Islam. Being nice and friendly to a non Muslim does not make one any less a Muslim. Let us show them what they are missing out on and the world will come to appreciate you.

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