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The goat got swag: Gary, the flower-eating goat, set free by Australian court

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The goat got swag: Gary, the flower-eating goat, set free by Australian court

by Stanley Azuakola

Oh, if only the owners of the #Osun5 goats arrested by the Osun State Waste Management Agency had known, maybe they would have hired the lawyer of Gary, the flower-eating, internet sensation goat.

Gary, the goat, has been cleared of vandalism after an Australian judge dismissed the case at a court in Sydney.

The police said that they caught Gary snacking on a flower bed outside the city’s Museum of Contemporary Art, so they ordered its owner Jim Dezarnaulds to pay a 440 Australian dollar (£290) fine.

Magistrate Carolyn Barkell however dismissed the case against Gary, ruling that neither Gary nor his owner could be held accountable for the crime. She said there was no evidence that Gary, who had his own lawyer, had been brought there to intentionally eat the flowers.

Gary the Goat
Gary the Goat outside court (Picture: EPA)


‘This is actually an abuse of the laws of nature, I mean it was a goat eating grass,’ Mr Dezarnaulds said after the verdict was announced.

‘I’m a comedian, I can come up with jokes, but it’s pretty hard to compete with cops coming up with this stuff.

‘It’s obviously a joke, but the fact that we’re here it’s gone a bit beyond a joke.’

Gary the Goat
Gary the Goat is an internet star (Picture: EPA)


Gary, who was not required to give evidence, did not comment on the verdict upon leaving court.

Mr Dezarnaulds added: ‘Gary taught the cops a valuable lesson and that’s don’t bite off more than you can chew.’

Gary became an internet star after news of his plight went viral, with his official Facebook page racking up over 10,000 likes.

Only last week in Osogbo, the five arrested Osun goats were not so lucky, as one of them died in custody while the owners of the four remaining goats were slammed with fines.

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