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“And the interview was short because GEJ was nervous”: Top 10 tweets from GEJ’s Amanpour interview

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“And the interview was short because GEJ was nervous”: Top 10 tweets from GEJ’s Amanpour interview

by Stanley Azuakola

At last President Goodluck Jonathan’s interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour has come and gone.

The major takeaway from online and public reaction is that it’s going to be hard for the president to get back most Nigerians to his corner.

Unlike the president’s first interview with Amanpour three years ago, in which the reactions were generally positive, last night’s interview was pilloried just like almost every other matter involving the president in the past one year.

Here are 10 reactions from online social platform, Twitter, on the Jonathan interview.

1. Ikhide ‏@ikhide 

And Oga Goodluck Jonathan went to Amanpour‘s interview armed with facts! Power supply has increased by 40%! Wow! Boko haram na agbero! Wow! Amanpour tried to trip Oga Goodluck with evil sly hard questions as if na exam! But our genius President showed her! Our God is a good

The president lied. The people cursed. The people cursed some more. In the end,everything still remains as before. #Amanpour

3. tolu ogunlesi ‏@toluogunlesi

Apparently Hillary Clinton is now a card carrying member of ACN. And working to destabilise the Nigerian Govt with falsehood #Amanpour

4. kenneth Damasus Toni ‏@slimmye

In the words of the short black boi @MI_Abaga “somebody Lied”#Amanpour

5.  MySon’sDaddy ‏@kingoflagos

Yes, I agree, lets all condom them! RT @lekanbabs11: The World should condom Tompolo, Ateke Tom n Asari Dokubo. WTF!#amanpour

6. Ikhide ‏@ikhide

All unemployed Nigerians should watch Oga Goodluck’s Amanpourinterview before going to job interviews. With his techniques they’ll triumph!

7. Sylvester Erhun-Edo ‏@SlyBlackman

But I do have power! 22hours daily from abt 5hours? That’s tremendous I must say.

8. ‏@234pulse

President Jonathan is either delusional, in denial or dishonest or worse all three. What is he talking about? Amanpour made him look stupid

9.  ‘Wálé Babátúndé ‏@BabatundeJnr

These are why Jonathan will lie on #CNN: 1. He knows <10% have heard of #CNN 2. <5% of 10% have cable 3. <1% of the 5% have PHCN light.

10.  ←Aku Igono [UNTAMED] ‏@IGONO

And The Interview Was Short Because Jonathan Was Nervous.

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