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Remainders: The Scoop’s 7 most clicked stories this week

Today's Scoops

Remainders: The Scoop’s 7 most clicked stories this week

by Stanley Azuakola

In terms of stories, BOOs and Scoopinions on The Scoop, this week was simply brilliant. Lots and lots of beautifully written pieces, well crafted lines and deep thoughts.

In case you missed it or you’re just joining The Scoop party, here are the 7 most clicked stories this week. Enjoy.

1. BudgIT Wednesday: See How Much GEJ And Yaradua Allocated To Police Colleges (INFOGRAPHIC)

No excerpt can accurately capture this revealing infographic by The BudgIT team. Click on the link and see how much the FG has been allocating to the police since 2007. And do some comparisons too. Importantly, don’t forget to join the team for another BudgIT Wednesday in the coming week.

2. “Nigeria Was The Biggest Surprise”: Google Chairman Eric Schmidt Writes About His One Week In Africa

Nigeria, known as a land of oil corruption and the ubiquitous 419 email scams, is the biggest surprise to a first time visitor.  Nigerians are entrepreneurial, stylish, educated, and have the belief that their country can emerge as the next Brazil.

3. Catholic Church Gives Up On Oritsejafor, Quits Membership Of CAN

“CAN is now being run as part of the government and we said no. Because they (government) will dictate to us what to do and they will not take our advice seriously. The Catholic Church decided to withdraw from the activities of CAN at national level; we are still part of the state. We made our stand clear in November, last year, and by December, the man bought a jet. I don’t know how he got it but the president was there on that day the jet was delivered to him.”

4.  A Pinch Of N(U)Ews: “GEJ Deserves At Least 12 More Terms” – Reno

Meanwhile, Omokri also said that according to the World Bank, the poverty level in Nigeria has decreased from a whopping 48 percent of the population to a whopping 46. He said this is a sign that the president should be allowed to rule Nigeria for at least 12 terms. “It’s simple logic,” he said. “If in two years, he has reduced poverty by 2 percent, then in 4 years, it will fall by 4 percent. If we give him 12 terms (a total of 48 years), he would eradicate poverty in Nigeria from 48 to zero percent.”

5. “And The Interview Was Short Because GEJ Was Nervous”: Top 10 Tweets From GEJ’s Amanpour Interview

‘Wálé Babátúndé ‏@BabatundeJnr

These are why Jonathan will lie on #CNN: 1. He knows <10% have heard of #CNN 2. <5% of 10% have cable 3. <1% of the 5% have PHCN light.

6. Ikhide Ikheloa: Police Officers Cannot Afford To Be Honest (A Personal Ikeja Police Barracks Story)

Today, Nigerian policemen and women are reviled and ridiculed as the face of official corruption. It is more complicated than that. My dad was one of the first set of Mobile Police, trained to die for Nigeria. Today, in the winter of his life, Nigeria will not pay him his pension.

7. Babatunde Rosanwo: Our Friends, The Police, Need Jonathan’s Help

There is a growing trend which follows from the ill state of our society – every time the inadequacies and corruption of the government is exposed, Nigerians embark on the “what can we do to make a difference?” discussion.  And this has inadvertently become a subtle endorsement of corruption. We no longer ask for the rule of law nor ask further questions on what happened to funds appropriated for public projects. We should proffer solutions as though the present government is ready for change. How many committees and reports have been swept under the presidential carpets?

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