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Remainders: “A wicked stepmother does not lose her wickedness” -Top 7 quotes of the week

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Remainders: “A wicked stepmother does not lose her wickedness” -Top 7 quotes of the week

by Ibrahim Faruk

Another week has gone by so fast and the fall out from Obiageli Ezekwesili’s convocation lecture in Nsukka has generated responses from the Presidents men as well as the Super Eagles progress in the ongoing African Cup of Nations in South Africa

It has been hard work picking the top 7 quotes for this weeks round-up.


1. “Ezekwesili got it wrong… Her interrogation of the educational system is somewhat disingenuous and borderline hypocritical… What did she do with all the allocations she received as Minister of Education between 2006 and 2007? What impact did it have on the education sector? One wonders if our educational system would have been better today if these allocations were properly applied.”

-Nigeria’s minister of information, Labaran Maku wasted no time in responding to the speech made by former education minister and vice president of the World Bank, Obiageli Ezekwesili. The speech which had gone viral last week prompted Maku to release a statement on Sunday where he stated bluntly that Oby Ezekwesili was economical with the truth.

2. “Youths think! A wicked step mother who’s been displaced by a new wife does not lose her wickedness because she offers you sweets. Patriots don’t wait until they’re out of power before speaking the truth. Truth is constant. It doesn’t become truth only when you lose out. “

-Reno Omokri, Special Assistant to the President on New Media earned his salary on Twitter with a proverbial statement also aimed at former minister Obiageli Ezekwesili.

3. “It is obviously preposterous for Mrs. Oby Ezekwesili to be asking for a National debate on the outlandish and reckless disinformation she made to incite the Nigerian people against the government…she should be regarded by all as a willfully perjured individual not worthy of any respect or recognition whatsoever.

-Doyin Okupe, the Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs and self-styled ‘attack lion’, roars at Madam Due Process – Oby Ezekwesili also.

4. “The difference is that under Obasanjo it was ‘save, save, save’ whilst under Yar’adua and later Jonathan it has been ”spend, spend, spend’. The question is what do they have to show for such high expenditure and what has this cost the Nigerian people in real terms. I believe that these are legitimate questions. Obi (Ezekwesili) may have been inelegant or a little harsh with her words and she may have upset the government but her analysis cannot be faulted. Yet the Government has given no reasonable explanation and they do not even like the fact that questions are being asked.”

-Femi Fani-Kayode, former minister of Aviation under the President Obasanjo administration speaks in defence of Obiageli Ezekwesili.

5. “It [The Jonathan administration] leaves much to be desired. Not sure where they are going. Sad that instead of digesting counsel like Oby Ekweseli’s they are becoming Abacha in mufti.”

-Prof. Pat Utomi, former presidential candidate in an interview with The Scoop, gave his assessment of President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration.

6. “Individually, you can fast if you think it will make them win.’’

-Sen. David Mark, President of the Nigerian Senate, digressing from the business of law-making urges senators to fast and pray for the Super Eagles at the on-going African Cup of Nations in South Africa.

7. “We want to congratulate the Nigerian national team, the Super Eagles, for qualifying for the next round of the competition. We want to assure them of our usual support and partnership, we want them to bring back our lost glory in football. To show our support for the national team, we’ll be declaring one week free sex if the Super Eagles can win the trophy.”

-The Association of Nigerian Prostitutes made this statement in support of the Super Eagles at the ongoing African Cup of Nations in South Africa.

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