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Fantastic stuff: Nigeria Centenary Theme Song (Download+Lyrics)

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Fantastic stuff: Nigeria Centenary Theme Song (Download+Lyrics)

by Stanley Azuakola

The Scoop has a opinion piece on the 7 epic fails on the launch of the Nigeria Centenary Project. Someone had to point out those issues.

But if truth be told, there are some aspects of the centenary project that are fantastic. One of such is the Nigeria Centenary Theme Song.

The song hit all the right notes. Yanni-like vibes, fantastic instrumentals, easy to memorise and sing along to, and meaningful lyrics, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this song. We totally recommend.

We loved it so much that we took the pains to transcribe the lyrics to share. So download and see lyrics below.

Download Song

Nigeria Centenary Theme Song


Here we are

Standing tall

Through adversity

We are one

100 years of unity

Nigeria, we will stand


(One hundred)


Together we will make it

Strong indivisible


One nation

To stand, to stand, to stand.

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