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“So who paid Amanpour?”: Top 7 tweets from Amanpour’s spotlight on Nigeria’s power sector

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“So who paid Amanpour?”: Top 7 tweets from Amanpour’s spotlight on Nigeria’s power sector

by Stanley Azuakola

Following the power outage during America’s biggest sporting spectacle, The Superbowl, on Sunday, Nigerians began to ‘show themselves’ on Twitter. You know, the usual, witty comments about how the 35 minutes outage would have been normal if it was here, and so on.

So CNN’s Christiane Amanpour took notice and as part of her show on Monday, she drew similarity between the Nigerian condition and the American rarity which happened on Sunday. She called out President Jonathan who said, when he appeared on her show two weeks ago that power “is one area that Nigerians are quite pleased with the government, that commitment to improve power. It’s working.”

Needless to say, the president who was launching the Nigeria Centenary Project at about the same time the Amanpour show was going on, would not be too pleased. The other side to it is that lots of Nigerians who felt that the president wasn’t entirely truthful during his interview would be pleased.

Here are the Top 7 tweets from Nigerians yesterday as the Amanpour show went on.

1. Bayo Babalola ‏@Bayobabalola

Oya Abati. Time to write another article to address all these journalists that are envious and want to get into govt. Amanpour especially.

2. Omojuwa ‏@omojuwa

So, who paid Amanpour? Is she a Yesterday Woman? Does she need a job in Aso Rock? Bunch of dirty mucus-esque smelly idiots

3. Gbenga Olorunpomi™ ‏@GbengaGOLD

While GEJ rambled on on one tv channel, #Amanpour exposed his bum bum on another #apt

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4. UgoDre Obi – Chukwu ‏@ugodre

Chai, Amanpour took GEJ to the cleaners there oh! Maku and co will probably call her a failure criss crossing from one network to the other

5. Tony Giggs ‏@Tony1giggs

Even the blind knows about power situation in Nigeria. Thank u#Amanpour for believing Nigerians instead!

And two for the president…

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6. Naija Corpers ‏@NaijaCorpers

@royalcachet: There’s serious improvement in electricity in this side of the country, Port harcourt Rivers state. #amanpour

7. Chibuike Chukudebelu ‏@cchukudebelu

Having said that @CNN owes Nigeria more than a few open mic interviews at Shoprite Lekki. That was lazy journalism. #Amanpour

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