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Who really is Nigeria’s Messi? Bamanga Tukur and Ken Nnamani respond.

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Who really is Nigeria’s Messi? Bamanga Tukur and Ken Nnamani respond.

by Stanley Azuakola

Lionel Messi, the Argentine and Barcelona football striker, is the gold standard for football excellence. Apart from the FIFA World Cup for his country, there is no other trophy available which he could have won, that he hasn’t. So it is a given that every one would love to invoke his name every now and then when they need to claim excellence.

Everyone, including the PDP chairman and a former PDP senator.

Let’s start with the senator. Former senate president Ken Nnamani recently spoke at a reception in honour of the new power minister Chinedu Nebo. Nebo had only been one day in office when the reception was held. At the event, Nnamani said this about the new minister:

“Our President will be very delighted. All Nigerians will be very impressed that we are fielding our own Ronaldo. In fact, Ronaldo Messi,” he said, adding:

“I am sure he will win honours for us; tremendous one and people will say ‘ah, where have you been all this while’.

“So, the harder the ministry, the better he will perform. Whatever ministry he is assigned to, he is flexible enough and as God will have it, he is intellectually prepared and emotionally stable enough and religiously sound.

“You know I’m blowing my trumpet because I have one. If you have a good product, you can say things about it.

“Not that we have not had ministers from our place; we have always sent some first 11, but this is apt, as of now.

“I will like to congratulate my colleagues in the National Assembly particularly the Senate that has the constitutional role for the confirmation hearing. I’m sure he entertained the Senate in a robust manner.

“I watched the proceeding in Washington on our NTA and he was at home because one of the most difficult things, you may think you’re bright, that you know so much; when you enter that red carpet and questions start coming from left and right; if you recall during my time somebody was going through the same exercise all of a sudden, he collapsed,” said Nnamani.

So the RonaldoMessi of Enugu people and Sen. Nnamani is Chinedu Nebo.

But it turns out that Bamanga Tukur, the PDP chairman, has his own ideas about the Messi of Nigeria. You wouldn’t know that the elderly chairman watched football, but obviously he does.

Responding to the merger of four opposition parties to form the All progressives Congress (APC), Tukur said this:

“If you go for a contest, you have the striker; you know Lionel Messi, PDP is Messi in this contest. They (opposition) are not a threat at all.

“Let me tell you, there is no polling unit in the whole of Nigeria where you do not have one member of PDP.  PDP is the only party in the country that fields candidate in every polling booth in the country. We are the only party and remain the party to beat. The merger will only charge us to action. That shows the acceptance.  PDP is the party in government now that is in the majority at all levels of government.

“It does not mean that we want the country to be a one-party state, but there is no opposition; in fact this merger is a charge to action for the PDP.”

Who would have thought that someone could ever find a way to relate Messi with the PDP? But apparently there’s nothing our politicians can’t do.

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