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“#APC is a disaster about to happen”: Top 15 anti-APC tweets when the new party trended on Twitter

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“#APC is a disaster about to happen”: Top 15 anti-APC tweets when the new party trended on Twitter

by Stanley Azuakola

Things are happening so fast in the Nigerian political scene that one risks missing so much just by blinking.

As Nigerians came to terms with the news that the new mega opposition party has truly been born, a back and forth ensued online between lovers and haters of the new party. The debate was so fierce, the arguments so passionate that on Twitter, it began to trend.

Below is our pick of the Top 12 anti-APC tweets on Thursday.

#APC waste of tiime! Our party remain the lionel messi of Nigerian politics! PDP

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Something tells me diz #APC If elected will be more of a military rule in a democracy fashion…wit reference to Lagos state!….

@UdoAkata the idea of #APC is disaster about to happen. The height of deception

Maybe I’m being cynical or overly pessimistic but I see this #APCcoalition as a big joke. Someone prove me wrong please

The big issue is not abt d opposition joining up forces to form #APC. It’s whether they provide real ALTERNATIVES. I am afraid, NOT MUCH…

The last time I checked, non PDP governors aren’t performing neither. Pls, relax with all your #APC talk. Birds of the same feather.

Why do some Nigerians think 1 criminal + 1 criminal + 1 criminal + 1 criminal = 1 saint??? #APC

#APC: this is d marriage Yorubas who believe they have to run things from behind and the hausas who believe Nig is theirs to RULE. CANT WORK

Seeing people get excited abt #APC here is really depressing. It shows most of us have very short memories & are poor students of history

Some guys on my TL are seriously defending & canvassing for #APCas if they are one of the stakeholders. Is there something I need to know?

How can we forget so easily how these same ‘messiahs’ traded their candidates for Billions of naira in the 2011 Presidential election.#APC

Different names, different structures, different strengths, SAME kind of people. #PDP #AP

13. Belinda Otas ‏@BelindaOtas

I hear Nigeria has a new party called #APC. Fair to say disaster in the making or the road to the end, considering they are all old guards

14. Helen Adoga ‏@enahsexy

#HATERZZ of #PDP2015 formed #APC to do the same thing they claim they hated #PDP for. Loot and loot and loot over again! Same old shit

15. INI’S 1st DAUGHTER ‏@Oceans_Magazine

#APC is totally not my business…..the only reason I’m here is 2 ask u guys 2 follow and ama follow back…..♡

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