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“PDP is finished, that I can say for certain”: Top 15 pro-APC tweets when the new party trended on Twitter

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“PDP is finished, that I can say for certain”: Top 15 pro-APC tweets when the new party trended on Twitter

by Stanley Azuakola

The newest party in Nigeria is generating lots of interests and comments. People have strong opinions about the All Progressive Congress, and are expressing them.

In fact, on Thursday, it became so heated on social media site Twitter, that the #APC began to trend on the site. Below, we’ve sampled our top 15 pro-APC tweets. We also have another piece with the top 15 anti-APC tweets.

Enjoy it.

1. Ediong ‏@ged

You don’t need the gods to know the ruling party is scared of the new coalition party.

To friends, associates and sycophants of #GEJ, pls tell him strongly that the game is over. He either performs now or … kicked out! #APC

If you are not happy a platform that will defeat PDP is named then just tell us all the while you are with PDP #Shikena I’m done.. #APC

Give it a try, we might fail… Not doing anything, we’ve failed already!!! I understand the cynicism about #APC & I can also relate to it, they’re yet to prove themselves but there’s a glint of hope, trust me #APC

PDP is finished ,that I can say for certain #APC

The Ade, Ada, and Adamu hating the new #APC should pls provide a better alternative.

I don’t need anybody 2 pay me, I’m rooting for dis Merger till d end ….. #APC

Merger: may God make it to be the best for us. Let’s see what they brought to nigeria let’s see if PDP can go down low #APC

Still overjoyed over the emergence of #APC… Time to give #PDP and their cabals a good run for their money

The bane of Nigeria’s politics has been lack of credible opposition, with #APC now in the fray, all of that is about to change

Nigerians Are Enemies Of Nigeria. We Asked For A Stronger Opposition,We Got #APC. Let’s Support It!

I won’t be stupid again. I’ll go out and REGISTER as a member. Who knows, we just may hijack the party yet! #AllProgressivesCongress#APC

@CitizensPlatNG @nnabros What is important now is to BUILD #APCinto a VIBRANT party, attract dedicated minds, install Internal Democracy

14. #CountrybutoR ‏@abousaddiq

#APC,in GOD we trust!…we shall get 2 d promised land come 2015,#TEAMBUHARI all d way!!!

15. kola ibrahim ‏@alpontif

This is my advice. No enta PDP one chance, go join #APC ..

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