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Photo: What was Buhari thinking?

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Photo: What was Buhari thinking?

by Stanley Azuakola

We know some are getting weary of the many footages, pictures, stories and tweets that have been written concerning the President Goodluck Jonathan and Gen. Muhammadu Buhari rapprochement during the Nigeria Centenary Project launch in Abuja this week.

Hopefully this will be our last post on the matter, but…

There’s just something about this particular picture.

Buhari seemed to be a bit restrained and what is that expression on his face? What do you think Buhari was thinking?

“Ha! I don’t trust this guy. He might just turn around and poke my eyes with this stuff.” OR

“Why did I ever agree to do this? Is this guy competent enough to hold this thing without letting it tumble and ruining my dress?” OR

What if I use the base of this thing to whack his head, would all of Nigeria’s problems be solved?”

Oh well, what do you think?

Fire! Fire!! Fire!!!

Fire! Fire!! Fire!!!

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