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“We are what we reward”: Top tweets from ‘haters’ of Naira rain on Eagles which actually make sense

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“We are what we reward”: Top tweets from ‘haters’ of Naira rain on Eagles which actually make sense

by Stanley Azuakola

The Super Eagles made us proud in South Africa. Everyone is happy. The president believes it is the fruit of his transformation, who can blame him? He deserves to feel good about this, just like all of us.

The Super Eagles made us proud in South Africa. We have been singing their praises. It’s like a collective mea culpa for all the articles and tweets and comments we made bad-mouthing them earlier. So far, over $5 million have been announced separately as reward for the victorious Eagles and their coaching crew bu the government and some corporate titans.

$5 million = N800 million.

The team comprised of about 30 people in all.

Football is our national sports, and our footballers when they excel should be well rewarded for their exploits. But this is quite excessive.

This is not the most politically correct thing to say at the moment and some might even label one unpatriotic for thinking it. But below is a selection of tweets from some people which explains very eloquently why $5 million and counting may have been an over-kill.

tolu ogunlesi ‏@toluogunlesi

Money rain: Mike Adenuga: $1.2mn, Aliko gave $1mn, Emeka Offor $500k, Elumelu $500k etc etc #SuperEaglesReception

More than $5mn in cash lavished on the team. Our problem is not money, but how to… never mind

Call me a hater. But this doesn’t make sense. In a country full of cash-strapped Premier League teams, you throw out $5mn on 30 people

Odegbami’s football academy struggling in Kwara. Great work, little or no funding. Yet these jokers, given to populism, are doing naira rain

Not saying sports shouldn’t be rewarded. But who’s rewarding the struggling young scientists, playing out of sight? #fuckery

One day you will show me which country rose to real greatness lavishing money on sports but neglecting education + technology.

Let’s sha not complain when every young person wants to enter studio,or play football, or carry gun. That’s the message we’re sending out…

They will hand over the CBN keys to the team RT @PObahiagbon: We might go bankrupt should we ever win the World Cup…

Don’t worry. Shebi all of you heard what Keshi said. A team they were owing through the tournament. They’re now forming ‘We Love You Eagles’


#PublicPolicy101: In Public Policy when Govt seeks to directly provide incentives for EFFORT it must remember the word “Proportionality”. 🙂

#PublicPolicy101: “Proportionality” is key for direct incentives but were the reward to be freely market determined there would be no need.

#PublicPolicy101: Bench marking direct incentive for effort and performance will derive from what a Govt PRIORITIZES. Knowledge? Enterprise?

#PublicPolicy101: Sporting exploits? Entertainment? Public Service? Research? Govt SIGNALS its PRIORITY when it REWARDS.

#PublicPolicy101: Overflowing Reward to our #SuperlativeEagles is not necessarily a BAD THING but it does send a SIGNAL to RESEARCHERS.

#PublicPolicy101: What the Govt can now do is to become the FIRST ONE to DESIGN a FRAMEWORK for REWARDING Citizens that bring us HONOR.


What we reward defines our national priorities. We are what we reward.

Rewarding footballers is great. But we’re also the country that rewards extremism with monthly remuneration. “Maths? Mba! Militancy? Maybe.”

We’re simply telling today’s kids that if they want to “hammer”, they should do one of these: blow up pipelines, steal government money, etc

These lazy acts of kindness ensure political survival for 8 years (maximum). Even OBJ didn’t get 12. But where will Nigeria be 80 years on?

They don’t care. They won’t be here. The hurt doesn’t touch them. As long as they’re at the helm. 80 is too long. 8 is their song. SMH 🙁


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