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Dave Abah: Poor nation, stupid people


Dave Abah: Poor nation, stupid people

by Dave Abah

“What fools these mortals be” – Shakespeare.

Shakespeare captures the mood of this crushing problem. How a people so mightily enriched to do whatever their souls desire and make South Africa look like kid’s play live in such squalor and poverty beggars belief?

Wait a minute, an International transparency organisation stated that in the last 10 years Nigerian leaders have siphoned at least $52 billion, conservative estimates, of public wealth into offshore accounts in tax havens. And to think that we all just simply shrug our shoulders at the thought is just outrageous.

It is hard to imagine that the so called crusaders of change could not so much as scream foul and demand that all those who had held public office within the said period be clinically probed.

Hmm on a second thought, who is going to probe them? Jonathan? I don’t think so. Dame might do a better job if she could construct the thought.

Another felon wacked N72 billion of police pension funds and got a slap on the wrist. The ‘learned’ fellow who presided effectively said “go knock yourself out I condemn thee not”.

We didnt picket the courts for such travesty and treachery, a total abuse of the sensibilities of the people.

To think that Nigerian courts cleared James Ibori of 107 counts of fraud and corruption only to be slammed on the dock by a British court is a shame on the Judiciary and dishonor the memories of true luminaries like Gani Fawehinmi. Shame on the judiciary for removing the blind folds from the sacred symbol of jurisprudence because of avarice and filthy lucre.

How can anyone not care? How can people whose lives have been blistered by the lack of the very basic things like roads, power, education, free markets, and the right to the pursuit of happiness just not care?

I am appalled by this level of apathy by the Nigerian people.

Millions die of avoidable causes in poorly equipped hospitals; death traps in the shape of potholes on the highway have claimed many unknown names; still millions are stranded who can’t earn a decent living; who can’t find a job on the street; who can’t  find funding for their entrepreneurial effort; who can’t afford education; many who live in squalor and abject poverty in a country that bags in tens of billions of dollars in oil revenues annually – this is totally unacceptable.

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And some clowns have the nerves to say we have achieved single digit Inflation and are the fastest growing economy on God’s earth… only in Nigeria can we have a country  run by consultants and contractors who churn up figures from questionable data and suspect parameters so a lame duck government can have an illusion of progress.

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Hit the streets and match your rhetoric with the stark reality of a broken people raped in turns by a ruling elite until they have only the strength left to just make a living for their babies.

If hunger doesn’t kill them, some irate herds men would, or a trigger happy police man would or Boko Haram bombs would, or high blood pressure would or planes dropping off the skies would, or the thought that Dame Patience is going to build a N4 billion house would sure as hell kill them.

This mass stupidity must stop. It is in our best interests to make sure this country works for our children. In our old age it is our children who would  take care of us not the government.

Let’s use what strength we have left to challenge this insanity. Democracies work best when opposition comes from the people and not from some political mega contraption.

Demand answers and accountability. Refuse to be hoodwinked by clergy or paid lobbyist who says not to criticize  government . Whoever doesn’t want public scrutiny should not vie for public office.

Besides government should be about laws not about people and when evil men hijack power it is up to the people to wrest it back and save the future.

We are the people of Nigeria and sovereignty lies with us.


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