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Dave Abah: The APC situation: Ethics be damned, let’s merge


Dave Abah: The APC situation: Ethics be damned, let’s merge

by Dave Abah

Nigeria is an elaborate theatre of the absurd. Abuja has become corrosive and a mean-spirited place since the dawn of democracy in 1999.

Political discourse has either disappeared or degenerated into petty name calling and infantile skirmishes. The quality of elected officials has declined and political parties consider election victory far more relevant than solving any national development issues.

Survival drives Nigeria politics. Any other narrative – no matter how well-couth – suggesting otherwise is simply wishful thinking. Politicians cross carpet and board switch at the slightest threat to their political survival.

And please do not blame them – there are no jobs. Plus Nigerian politics is the best job ever. This is a job that doesn’t  require the rigorous discipline of academic success to  reach the highest office.

In fact the more street smart you are the better.

All those folks who have now  assembled to hatch a mega contraption called All Progressives Congress (APC) are not in a fight for the survival of the nation, as it were, they are smarting for a fighting chance to lock in their futures for a couple more years.

The APC merger consist of parties that couldn’t  be more different .

The parties are ideologically and fundamentally disparate and their comradeship is built around a common enemy. If and when that slim thread is broken the subsequent falling apart is precision science.

Take ACN for example. That party doesn’t  know the first thing about democracy. Everyone from the Harvard trained to street orchins all go to curry favor at Bourdilon street Ikoyi for a chance to actualise their ambitions, subject, of course, to the whims of the godfather in rim glasses. The principle of selection and godfatherism will become their undoing.

On the other hand, CPC is a regional reaction to the dominance of PDP elements in the North. And to think that General Buhari is still the main contender on that platform is beyond belief.

And he has a Tunde Idiagbon  incarnate in the form of another Tunde.

This Tunde Bakare has a certain gangnam style about his politics that makes him suited more to revolutionary crusades than actual governance. And by the way, history shows that revolutionaries don’t always make good democrats.

Surely PDP needs a worthy opposition. No nation can survive with such a curse of an elaborate gang up of economic leeches who bleed the nation dry.

However APC does not meet the critical configuration for such an opposition needed at this time – there are just too many significant dissimilarities.

And as the days progress it will become increasingly difficult to manage such a mega party with its intricately interwoven tentacles of disparate individual ambitions

But what is to be done to save a nation in dire straits? We need the will of good men to prevail. If APC is to succeed then it must yield its steely will and construct the Nigerian doctrine.

This doctrine must define the vision of national glory and the 30 year agenda required to achieve it. It must define our leadership and human capital needs in every sector .

It must define key strategic priorities around power, education, infrastructure, and a revenue goal that targets 80% of national revenue from non oil sector by 2030. It must clearly incorporate a robust plan to engage young people as principal resource in defining our economic destiny as Singapore has done.

The Nigerian doctrine must give Nigerians a reason to hope, to believe, yeah to die for a country they love.

In our battle for power let’s define the war properly. Goodluck Jonathan is not our problem, leadership is and whoever cannot provide it should never again sit on the Rock.

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