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The peacemaker: Warring Ogun lawmakers make peace under the watchful eyes of Gov. Amosun

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The peacemaker: Warring Ogun lawmakers make peace under the watchful eyes of Gov. Amosun

by Dare Lawal

Just one day after they bickered, fought, broke the mace of the state assembly, suspended and impeached each other, and used the worst imaginable language to describe each other, members of the Ogun state house of assembly have made peace.

This was a remarkable reconciliation.

Ogun people had feared the worst. Memories of the last assembly during the last administration and the thoughts of how legislative activities were stalled due to the interminable disagreements came back. But this case turned out differently, thanks to the intervention of Gov. Ibikunle Amosun.

Perhaps it was fitting that it was the governor who settled the squabble, as it was discussions on a loan he intended to collect which brought about the disagreements in the first place, with the speaker, Ishola Adekunbi and 11 other members on the governor’s side while 14 others, led by Hon. Remmy Hazzan stood against.

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Things didn’t look very good earlier in the day, as policemen keeping sentry told four members of the Group of 14 to keep away from the assembly as they had been ‘suspended’. The remaining members of the group, also refused to enter, threatening to hold their plenary under the tree.

As they continued to argue over the matter, Gov. Amosun came around and called a meeting between himself and the legislators. At the end of that meeting, it was all sweet talk. No mention was however made of the sweeteners the governor must have given to accomplish such a breakthrough in so short a time.

The governor sounded philosophical when he addressed the press afterwards. As is common among Yoruba politicians in the Southwest, he invoked the ghost of the late Obafemi Awolowo.

“Yes, today is the 104th posthumous birthday of the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo. I think there can be no befitting birthday gift than this and for all those that have labour hard for us to get to where we are today,” he said.

On his part, the speaker of the state assembly Ishola Adekunbi sounded contrite and offered an apology to the Ogun people. He said the legislators were now one big family again.

He said that “what happened yesterday was very unfortunate, but like Hon. Hazzan said, we have actually risen above that. By the grace of God, you will see us doing our legislative responsibilities in accordance with the law. By appreciating ourselves, we will be giving ourselves recognition and respect as true representatives of Ogun State. Sincerely,we apologise to all the good people of Ogun State for what transpired in the hallow chamber yesterday”.

Remmy Hazzan also apologised for the mess of Tuesday’s sitting.

“We offended the entire citizens of Ogun state but, sometimes, you cannot completely rule out such when there are issues and it is going beyond what temper can handle. We are saying here to all the good people of Ogun State that we are sorry,” he said.

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