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“Can you trust this naive party with power?”: PDP derives mathematical formula for the APC

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“Can you trust this naive party with power?”: PDP derives mathematical formula for the APC

by Dare Lawal

The ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is having a very good laugh at the expense of its new rival, the All Progressive Congress (APC ), adding more insult to what has been a nightmare week for the opposition coalition.

Only recently,  the APC outwitted the ruling party and President Jonathan when they visited Maiduguri before the president,  gaining a key political initiative and tons of positive publicity.

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But while they were making press statements, talking tough, seizing the initiative in the North East and throwing up all sorts of names as possible presidential contenders,  they’d failed to take care of a small but important detail – actually registering with INEC.

As they dilly-dallied, another new party, unheard of before this week, tendered registration documents with INEC. The name of this new party is the African Peoples Congress (APC). By law, no two political parties can bear same acronym,  and since the lesser know APC had moved first, the name is likely going to be theirs.

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Today, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) which many reports say was behind the move to register the new party, released a press statement which ridiculed the All Progressive Congress.

It said that the APC’s failure “to duly reserve or register the proposed name of their party before embarking on bleeping jamboree and propaganda is the hallmark of political naivety, painlessness and a foreboding that the Party will drive Nigeria to socio-political and economic brink should it be entrusted with power.”

The PDP’s blistering statement which was signed by its national publicity secretary,  Olisa Metuh, contained lines upon lines of well crafted missiles certain to greatly embarrass the opposition leaders, especially the Tom Ikimi led merger committee.

In fact, the PDP crafted a mathematical formula specially for the opposition party. It wrote that: APC + Grandstanding + Deceit = False Messiahnism.

Metuh said it was incredulous that the leaders of the APC were “all the while grandstanding; writing footnotes and glossary even when the first chapter of their history was yet to be successfully written.

“Nigerians are here confronted with an irony! It is an irony of a political party who without adequate planning, without a solid working rhythm, yet wishes to be entrusted to its effete, shaky shoulders, the fate of over One Hundred and Sixty Million Nigerians.”

“Fortunately, Nigerians are witnessing first hand, the thoughtlessness and carelessness of the self acclaimed political Messiahs, a fore warning that the nation, her people and our democracy are all in jeopardy should they be entrusted with power. How can a group who could not conclude the basic as in due registration of its name be able to manage the affairs of Nigeria at this moment of critical challenge.

“At the basics, the APC and its conjugants -the ACN, CPC, ANPP and others have once more advertised their boastful and deceitful predilection. Who could imagine that their coalition was yet to be registered before its leaders started throwing red rag to the bull?”

Metuh used the opportunity to pick holes in the argument that some PDP governors and National Assembly members were planning to join the APC.

“How can a politician worth its onions leave a known, formidable and nationwide political party for a disparate and unregistered amalgam?”

“This false claim is also a window into the minds of the leaders of the coalition. The summary is that they are waiting for decampees from the PDP to build their party, perhaps, register it for them. What an illusion! What a self delusion!”

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