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At last…behold the lawyer behind the problematic African People’s Congress (APC)

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At last…behold the lawyer behind the problematic African People’s Congress (APC)

by Stanley Azuakola

He’s definitely stirred up a lot of trouble. But finally, there is a face behind the name – Barrister Nwokorie Samuel Chinedu.

(Editor’s note: The alleged picture of Nwokorie above was posted on The Osun Defender website. The picture of Nwokorie behind bars is likely fake.)

Nwokorie is the lawyer who wrote the most famous letter this year, a letter of intent to INEC on behalf of his clients, the African Peoples Congress (APC). What made the letter so famous is that the African People’s Congress shares the same acronym with the All Progressive Congress, the opposition party formed following a merger between the nation’s leading opposition parties. In Nigeria, two parties bearing same acronym cannot be registered.

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The Osun Defender Newspapers launched an investigation and unmasked Nwokorie who has been difficult to locate since his name burst on the scene. Below is the report from the Osun Defender.

The picture above is that of the lawyer, one “Barrister Nwokorie Samuel Chinedu” from the floating “Legal World Chambers” who wrote to INEC the controversial letter of intent on behalf of his “clients” the African Peoples Congress (APC).

Because of the exposure of the dirty game, the lawyer has switched off his two numbers: 08164257977 and 08053957522. Yesterday, he picked the phone when we called him but he was evasive and not forthcoming if he was the Barrister Nwokorie Samuel Chinedu, he told us he would call us back and by 8.23 p.m. after so many un-returned calls (44 in all) he switched off his two phones and they are yet to be switched on as at this afternoon before we went to press.

The address on the letter-head — Suite 1007, Block B, Anbeez Plaza in Wuse Zone 5, also happened to be another mystery in the duplicitous game. A staff who pleaded anonymity told us outside the office that none of the members of two chambers that co-habit the office (IJEOMA DESTINY CHAMBERS and Maji-Emmanuel & Co) had any knowledge of either a third chamber by the name: “Legal World Chambers”, neither any partner that bears the name: “Barrister Nwokorie Samuel Chinedu”.

The staff after we showed her the printed picture of Barrister Samuel Chinedu said he knew the face but was not a member of the either chamber, and was only a casual acquaintance of one of her principals. She said the drama is not uncommon with charge and bail lawyers who most times do not have a chamber but use the address of their friend’s chambers.

Meanwhile, the vociferous challenge mounted by APC spokespersons has driven the phantom APC to hastily provide “logistics” for the unveiling of a logo this morning in Abuja at a press conference.

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Samuel who hails from Owerri township in Imo State joined FACEBOOK on 11th October, 2008, had only 8 friends – all female, (Bibi Olukini, Chichi Ekpe, Beeorlah Mimi Julia Soyebo, Chibbie Raymnd Nonyizzle, Joy Jade Ikhialose Idomeh, Tenny Olowu, Chioma Kaycee Onyebuchi and Maurine Bayen) in 2008, but grew to 43 in 2009… His steady stream of friends have since grown to 462 as at yesterday 13th march 2013.

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