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Dave Abah: Why ACN, CPC must die, and pardons gone wrong


Dave Abah: Why ACN, CPC must die, and pardons gone wrong

by Dave Abah

It does appear that both ACN and CPC are seeking a certain dual existence. It is treachery to retain your independent status as a party and still be a major component of a mega one.

The merger already has a faulty start. There is a copious absence of a fundamental philosophical building block on which the party is hinged.

The average Nigerian will see APC, and accurately too, as an emergency system installed hurriedly to forestall a PDP 2015 power programme especially at the presidential level.

It has all the tell tale signs of a party not built to last.  What do they stand for, for instance? Please leave the “C” word out of it. This is not about fighting corruption.

The party was not created by patriots stirred by the noble ambition of national renaissance. Rather it was nailed together by  politicians with vested interests and shifting loyalties.

It can be argued that APC is a front for parties that have no plans to surrender  their independence.

If ACN is serious about the survival of APC, why is it that all Lagos state ACN structures are still firmly in place? I expect they should be winding up and readying for the transition  into APC.

If APC is to survive, then all the integrating parts must collapse their structures into a unit. But we all really don’t see that happening do we? Did you suppose Asiwaju would yield his control of his vast regional political investments to some contraption without having a robust exit strategy especially in case belligerents like Tunde Bakare decide to blow a fuse?

Now these politicians want it both ways. They don’t want to burn no bridges behind them. In their minds, such madness belongs to medieval style king warriors, not modern day politicians. Today its not about honor, its about survival.

Meanwhile on the other side of the fence, President Goodluck Jonathan continues his irksome strides in presidential clowning. Whoever granted such kinds of state pardons?

The likes of Diepreiye Alamieyeisegha who is a fugitive in the UK and Shettima Bulama are criminals guilty of crimes against humanity. To embezzle state funds and let millions die of avoidable causes due to the absence of critical social amenities and infrastructure is the worst inhuman form of wickedness the mind can imagine. And to  grant them state pardons is atrocious and treason against the soul of a nation.

Clearly , Goodluck Jonathan has put political expediency ahead of building national values and morphing a new Nigerian culture of integrity and work ethic. Shame on him!

He has under same breath sent a strong unmistakable message: Corruption pays big time. Eventually you get pardoned, plus you get to keep the loot. This is the single most significant blow to the fight against corruption. Its official; there is no fight only collaboration.

All the more reason it hurts deeply that all the folks at APC are busy loading  their gun ships backwards, prepping for an inevitable implosion.

We are now left to seek salvation elsewhere. Perhaps its time the avenging Angel that swept off Abacha from his rocky place put Nigeria back in his schedule. We can use an intervention right now, Oh Lord!

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