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“Here he comes!”: Have you seen this PDP cartoon?

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“Here he comes!”: Have you seen this PDP cartoon?

by Stanley Azuakola

The PDP has stepped up its propaganda a notch this season. And don’t say we didn’t tell you, because we did. Remember this story from The Scoop?

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Apparently, that publicity directorate ain’t joking at all; from writing punchy press releases to disseminating quick and sometimes misleading information and contrast, and now, cartoons.

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The Peoples Democratic Party shared this cartoon on its Facebook page. The cartoon was first published in its re-branded magazine, The Umbrella.

It depicts the PDP, as a mighty hoove of what is presumably an elephant, coming down on two tiny ants chained together. The two ants, of course are the opposition CPC and ACN. As the PDP approaches, one of the ants – the CPC – says “Here he comes! Suddenly being chained together doesn’t seem like a good idea.”

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