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This should excite the 6 S/South PDP chairmen: Mr. Biggs introduces ‘Naija Meal’

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This should excite the 6 S/South PDP chairmen: Mr. Biggs introduces ‘Naija Meal’

by Dare Lawal

If one did not know better, he’ll think that Akwa Ibom state governor, Godswill Akpabio, was deliberately doing publicity for struggling Fast Food outlet Mr. Biggs, when he donated the sum of N1 million as lunch money to each of the 6 PDP chairmen in the S/South during a PDP reconciliation tour in the zone.

Akpabio was very specific on where he wanted them to have that million naira lunch – Mr. Biggs.

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So just in case the chairmen are still hungry and haven’t had the lunch, there’s good news for them.

Mr. Biggs announced on Wednesday that after years of “menu engineering”, it had succeeded in introducing a new special offering called Naija Meal.

It said the meal, a product from the UAC Restaurants, was prepared mostly with local spices, was available in Jollof and Fried rice portions and would sell for N600 only.

At a pre-rollout press briefing on Wednesday in Lagos, the marketing manager of UAC Restaurants, Nnenna Azuka-Onwuka, described Naija Meal with superlatives. It is “the biggest meal deal ever,” she said. “It is made from the finest ingredients using the original Mr Bigg’s recipe specifically developed to suit the Nigerian taste, and comes to our customers at a price they can afford and it’s enough to satisfy their hunger.”

That’s not all. Nnenna said: “It is a balanced diet. It contains the major food components from carbohydrate, protein, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. It is made of rice a carbohydrate, a piece of chicken that is protein. The chicken is roasted and grilled not fried. The chicken loses the unhealthy fat component during this process. It contains all the healthy spices you can get in the country. We also use vegetables.”

So at least we are certain that the PDP chairmen would be healthy for the race ahead. Bon appetit!

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