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International Tweetfight between Nigeria and Kenya (See how Aljazeera reported it)

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International Tweetfight between Nigeria and Kenya (See how Aljazeera reported it)

by Solomon Osadolo

In case you missed the international Twitter battle between Nigeria and Kenya over the way the Kenyan national football team were treated in Nigeria, you missed a lot.

It was a fun war, nevertheless, one which underlines a sad fact about Nigeria’s organisational capabilities.

You can read this piece to get the origin of the clash:

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Well, Al-Jazeera International noticed the Tweetfight and Storified it. Really fun stuff.

Here’s how they reported it:


Kenya and Nigeria battled on Twitter Thursday, as #SomeoneTellKenya and #SomeoneTellNigeriatrended worldwide. The online clash erupted when news broke of the poor accommodations provided to the Harambee Stars, Kenya’s national football team, during a visit to Nigeria for a World Cup qualifier match.

Below is one of the earliest tweets believed to have led the online feud.


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  1. Kenyans should start #SomeonetellNigeria due to the way they are treating our stars!


    Use of #SomeoneTellNigeria and #SomeoneTellKenya spanned across the globe, reaching China, the United States and Indonesia.
  2. Witnessing an actual international twitter war. Priceless!!#someonetellnigeria v #someonetellkenya
  3. @Neeqilata posted the image below to explain the origins of the Twitter fight.
    Below are a few #SomeoneTellNigeria tweets :
  4. #someonetellnigeria we are disappointed by the way they’re treating Harambee. Next time they come here, come with your own airport to land
  5. FACT: #SomeoneTellNigeria this weekend alone, we got rugby team in #IRBHongKong, Cross Country team in #Poland and soccer team in #Nigeria.
  6. #SomeOneTellNigeria to b a president in Kenya one must attain 50% votes+1vote theirs is just by #Goodluck.
    A sample of the counter #SomeoneTellKenya tweets below :
  7. #SomeOneTellKenya USA – Hollywood, India – Bollywood, Nigeria – Nollywood, Kenya? Firewood.
  8. #SomeoneTellNigeria We know thy are African Football Stars but we the global champions of tweefing #SomeoneTellKenya the war is on 🙂
  9. So Nigerians have started #SomeOneTellKenya to Counter#SomeoneTellNigeria … You are just Lost
    As netizens exchanged jabs, others discussed the premise of the twitter clash.
  10. Non of these tweets amuse me. It boils down to poor football administration in Africa…it’s stupid #someonetellKenya#someonetellNigeria
  11. #SomeoneTellkenya You show how jobless & unproductive you are by tweeting… Nigeria is far much ahead of us.. Let common sense prevail
    When the tweets heated up, many weighed in on which hashtag was leading the war of words.
  12. #someonetellNigeria vs #someoneTellKenya The Nigerians are winning this, but with quantity not quality.
  13. I am watching the #SomeoneTellNigeria & #SomeoneTellKenya#tweef. From a neutral standpoint the Kenyans r landing deadly blows!

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