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‘Nonye Obi-Egbe: A timeline for the coming violent unrest


‘Nonye Obi-Egbe: A timeline for the coming violent unrest

by ‘Nonye Obi-Egbe

Pockets of unrest crop up in Nigeria every day. One can say that the laxity of the government in the Boko Haram issue has brought on ripple effects that will plague the country in the coming months.

Imagine you have a sibling who is wilful and unreasonable, who has also managed to get the attention of your parents by making good on his threats. Now that sibling has gained notoriety in your family, community and beyond; everyone is afraid of him so he practically gets away with everything. What would your natural reaction be?

You’ve probably spent years trying to cultivate the character of a good person, but, that hasn’t gotten you anywhere, so you think, why not try to do things his way?

The impudence of Boko Haram has forged bonds we didn’t even know existed. Did you know there was a Group of Unemployed Nigerians from the 774 LGAs of the country (GUN774)? Did you know that pipeline vandals and illegal refineries called themselves Community Oil Refinery Operators? Surely, all of this must be one grand joke; but sadly, it isn’t. All of them have one thing in common, amnesty and the threat of violence. Truth is, they have learned well from their Boko Haram siblings.

5 Apr. 2013

Amnesty: Niger Delta Militants Besiege National Assembly

Hundreds of ex-militants from the Niger Delta region Thursday stormed the National Assembly to protest their alleged exclusion from the amnesty programme…

If the federal government fails to accede to our demand I and my men will go back to the creeks. The Nigerian government knows what the Niger Delta youths can do.

24 Apr. 2013

Treason: MASSOB dares FG

The Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, has threatened to make the country ungovernable if the Federal Government made good its threat to try its leader, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike, and five of his colleagues with treason…  Addressing reporters, yesterday, in Onitsha, MASSOB regional administrator for Onitsha North, Mr. Vincent Ilo, said though the group had remained non- violent since it began the campaign for the actualisation of the Republic of Biafra, the decision to try Uwazurike and others showed that the Federal Government had decided to push MASSOB to the wall.

He expressed dismay that Federal Government was negotiating amnesty for Boko Haram members, while it was planning a clampdown on non- violent MASSOB, noting that such an ACTION COULD result in total chaos in the country.

25 Apr. 2013

Illegal Refinery Operators, Pipeline Vandals Demand Amnesty

A group, the Community Oil Refinery Operators,   has asked the Federal Government to grant its members amnesty…  The group said only amnesty, with   accompanying financial gratifications and empowerment, would stop its members from breaking pipelines and setting up illegal refineries…  It said setting up illegal refineries was to help government create jobs for millions of people across the country.

Our operation gives us a sense of belonging. This is the only way we benefit from our national cake. We don’t steal oil. The oil in the  region is our property. It is the Federal Government that is stealing from us with their animalistic laws of onshore and off-shore dichotomy. We must take what belongs to us by force and any attempt to stop our operation by force will lead to another militancy in the region which will be worse than what we are seeing today.

25 Apr. 2013

Nigeria: Ex-Militants Threaten to Blow Up Oil Installations in Edo

Over four thousand ex-militants from Edo State on Tuesday took to the streets protesting non-inclusion in the amnesty programme for Niger Delta ex-militants. They threatened to blow-up oil facilities in the state if the situation is not corrected.

Today, we came to speak to the People of Nigeria. After today, we might shut down that oil installation, Dubril Oil Company in Gelele.

26 Apr. 2013

Nigeria: Unemployed Youths Urge FG to Forget Amnesty for Boko Haram

Barely 24 hours after President Goodluck inaugurated a 25-man committee to work towards disarming members of the Boko Haram sect and granting them amnesty, thousands of unemployed youths have asked the Federal Government to jettison the idea or risk their wrath…  The youths, who converged in Abuja, yesterday, described the attempt by the government to dialogue and settle violent groups in the country as a step in the wrong direction capable of truncating the fragile peace in the country…  Acting under the aegis of Group of Unemployed Nigerians from the 774 LGAs of the country, GUN774, the group said it was fed up with the lackadaisical attitude of the government towards the unemployed despite the huge resources accruing to the administration in recent years.

We, the unemployed Nigerians in the 774 LGAs condemn the amnesty to the violent Boko Haram group. We ask the President to jettison the proposed amnesty and set up a broad-based committee to find ways of ending rising unemployment in the country, which has even more dangerous implications for the country…We believe that the government listens more to those who cause mayhem than those who seek peace and dialogue. But government should note that there is a limit to which a group that has been pummelled by poverty and hunger can go in exercising patience

The possibility, indeed guarantee, that the government will grant, perhaps beg Boko Haram to accept amnesty is one reason why these groups appear today. Before the amnesty charade is over, there will be more; they will become bolder, reckless, and notorious. What happens when every unknown mythical group raises its head?

The solution, abandon dialogue, let every terrorist, traitor, and militant feel the force of justice.

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