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Yes he can: House of Reps deputy spokesman backs Tambuwal 2015 moves


Yes he can: House of Reps deputy spokesman backs Tambuwal 2015 moves

by Solomon Osadolo

Already there are so many signs that Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal, will vie for the presidency in 2015, such that it would be a great shock if he doesn’t.

Everything about the speaker these days screams ‘Aso Rock’. He seems to be a favoured candidate by the Northern establishment and without a doubt, the ambitious Tambuwal wants it.

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Now, what began as a hush-hush campaign and media speculation is beginning to have its own apostles.

The Deputy Chairman of the House Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Hon. Victor Ogene, speaking to national assembly correspondents, endorsed a Tambuwal presidency in 2015, saying that the speaker has proved to be a transparent and dynamic leader and possessed numerous other credentials, which made him eligible to aspire for higher political office.

“As it stands today, Tambuwal has displayed good leadership in the House of Reps; it is only left for Nigerians to determine who will lead them in 2015. Though he has not told us about this, but leadership is done by the people,” Ogene said.

The proof of Tambuwal’s increasing popularity is that Ogene who briefed the press, is from the South East – Anambra state – and is a member of the opposition, All Progressives Grand Alliance.

So under what banner would the speaker contest?

Ogene said that it did not matter.

“Tambuwal is not a PDP Speaker, he is the Speaker of the House of Reps. He can relate with any party in the best interest of Nigerians,” he said.

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