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The gospel according to El-rufai: PDP fears Buhari more than God

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The gospel according to El-rufai: PDP fears Buhari more than God

by Dare Lawal

In an interview with RadioFrance International Hausa Service, former minister of the FCT, and CPC chieftain, Nasir El-Rufai, emphasised once again that his candidate for 2015 was not himself, but the retired general and perennial presidential contender, Muhammadu Buhari.

He stated that talks of him eyeing the presidency was propaganda from the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

And then he said this: “Those who are sayingBuhari should step aside for me are not members of our party. May be they are PDP members who are afraid of General Buhari. This is because the way they fear Buhari, I swear, they do not fear God the almighty.”

Responding to criticisms of his book, The Accidental Public Servant, El-Rufai said that a lot of people who criticise the book had not read it. He mentioned both Nuhu Ribadu and Atiku Abubakar in particular.

 “It is not possible for me to write a book and everybody becomes convinced about what I wrote. But nobody came out to say Nasiru has lied in the book. The only thing they say is that they are not happy – like Nuhu Ribadu, he has said he never read the book, so if you didn’t read the book why talk?

“The way I look at it, even Atiku Abukabar’s people who wrote rejoinders have not read the book. I hope that by now they have read it, and may be that is why they kept quiet  There is no way everybody will agree with the book and there is no way one would say he never committed any mistake.”

He insisted that he wrote the truth as he knew it, challenging his critics to write their own books.

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