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Catholic Bishop describes Amaechi’s suspension as “political terrorism”

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Catholic Bishop describes Amaechi’s suspension as “political terrorism”

by Dare Lawal

The controversy which has followed the NGF election on Friday in Abuja which, as video evidence shows, clearly produced Rivers governor, Rotimi Amaechi, as winner has drawn the reaction of the Catholic Bishop of Ekiti Diocese, Most Rev. Felix Ajakaye.

Ajakaye expressed displeasure at the various episodes that have played out since Friday and said he was worried that some people were out to destroy the country at all cost, warning that “Nigeria belongs to all of us and nothing should be done by any group or individuals to destroy our heritage.”

In a statement released by the bishop in Ado Ekiti, entitled: “NGF Elections Between 19 Governors and 16 Governors, 16 Claiming Majority”, he described the position of the pro Jang governors as “individuals who act before thinking, instead of thinking before acting.”

“Now, 16 as a figure has become the majority and 19 is the minority. This type of thing can only happen in Nigeria. Indeed, this is crisis of credibility. What legacy are we bequeathing to our children?

“Amaechi has been suspended for his courage, popularity among his peers and for winning an election. Is this the way to celebrate democracy in Nigeria? Really, this is a practical example of politics of terrorism, politics of rascality.”

In his opinion, the governor had a right to seek re-election as NGF chairman. He had harsh words for Jang and his faction.

“Jang is even being congratulated on the pages of the newspapers.

“He is being ‘celebrated’ and he even organised a thanksgiving service to celebrate his ‘victory’. Nigeria and Nigerians! We should learn to face the realities rather than chasing the shadows,” said the bishop.

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