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Shocking: The extent anti-Amaechi forces are willing to go to secure his impeachment

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Shocking: The extent anti-Amaechi forces are willing to go to secure his impeachment

by Dare Lawal

Some things are hard to fathom, no matter how we want to look at it.

For instance, even though it’s now public knowledge that Gov. Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers is a marked man and forces loyal to the president are ready to go to any length to ensure his downfall, impeachment and possibly prosecution, the extent they are ready to go is befuddling.

Premium Times is reporting that a governor from the South South is sourcing for the whopping sum of N7 billion to bankroll the impeachment of Amaechi.

The sum would ostensibly be used to bribe lawmakers to bring up impeachable charges against the governor, as well as to take care of other operational contingencies. Of course, the operational arm of the plot is allegedly being championed by Amaechi’s arch rival, Nyesom Wike, the minister of state for education.

In light of that, Amaechi met with the state’s lawmakers loyal to him, to secure their pledge at a secret meeting which reportedly held in Lagos. We do not know what or if Amaechi is offering any financial inducement to keep the lawmakers on his side.

According to the report,

The embattled governor of Rivers state, Chibuike Amaechi, has secured a pledge of unyielding support from majority of his state lawmakers, at a secret meeting where he rallied them to face the prospect of an ever more hostile federal-backed clampdown aimed at his removal from office, PREMIUM TIMES has learnt.

Mr. Amaechi met with the state House of Assembly members in Lagos Thursday, seeking reassurances of support, amid reports the legislators, many of them his loyalists, had buckled in the face of intense federal lobby in the last one week.

At the meeting, held in Lagos for security concerns, the lawmakers reportedly pledged loyalty to the embattled governor, our sources said, and denied working for Mr. Wike, the current minister of state for education, who is seen as the hatchet man for President Goodluck Jonathan’s in the president’s long-drawn war with Mr. Amaechi.

Only five lawmakers, out of the total 32, are said to be working in support of the president.

While Mr. Wike is reaching out to the state lawmakers, one of the governors in the south-south region, close to the president, is said to lead the effort to raise at least N7 billion to finance the impeachment onslaught.

The confirmation of the plot and the financing effort, have heightened concerns over the feud between the president and the governor, and trailed a series of fast-paced, but mainly, behind-the-scenes events.

The report also mentioned that many Rivers lawmakers have “fled the state amid concerns for their safety, and occasionally meet in Lagos, which they prefer to Abuja for similar reasons.

“The situation is further compounded after the state police chief was recently withdrawn for an officer said to be a nominee of First Lady, Patience Jonathan.”

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