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Update: SSS seals off Amigo Superstores and Wonderland Amusement Park

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Update: SSS seals off Amigo Superstores and Wonderland Amusement Park

by Dare Lawal

Following last week’s big discovery by security agents in the country in which large cache of weapons and ammunitions were discovered in the home of Abdul Hassan Taher Fadlalla in Kano, some business interests of some prominent Lebanese businessmen operating in the country who have been implicated in the plot, have been closed down by officials of the State Security Servises (SSS).

The military had said last week that a coowner of the Amigo Supermarket in Abuja, as well as Wonderland Amusement Park, Mustapha Fawaz, was arrested in connection with terrorism links with Hezbollah. The man reportedly confessed. His partner was also implicated in the plot although he is believed to be out of the country at the moment.

On Saturday, operatives of the Department of State Security Service, SSS, raided his Abuja home and business concerns, including the popular Amigo Stores and Abuja Wonderland.

There was heavy presence of SSS operatives at the Wonderland park in Abuja on Saturday and the recreation centre was sealed off, barring visitors from entering. It was the same scenario at the Amigo Stores, Wuse 2, Abuja, with the place closed down and prospective customers unable to do any shopping there.

Marilyn Ogar, the spokesperson for the SSS, confirmed that the businesses were sealed off so as not to jeopardise ongoing investigations.

“On Thursday the Joint Task Force JTF in Kano State briefed the press about their findings during an  operation. It was discovered that the owners of Amigo Stores and Wonderland were indicted. As part of our process and in the course of investigation, the places needed to be shut down because we cannot afford to keep both places running,” she said.

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