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An unethical mind: Gov. Jang finally responds to Gov. Kwankwaso’s confession

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An unethical mind: Gov. Jang finally responds to Gov. Kwankwaso’s confession

by Stanley Azuakola

Reactions have continued to trail the statement made by Kano governor, Rabiu Kwankwaso, earlier this week that he nominated Plateau governor, Jonah Jang, as NGF consensus candidate but did not vote for him so as to teach the anti Amaechi governors a political lesson.

Already, the Bauchi and Benue state governors, Isa Yuguda and Gabriel Suswam, have responded to Kwankwaso, and on Thursday, it was the turn of Jonah Jang, the Plateau governor.

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In a statement signed by his commissioner of information, Yiljap Abraham, the Plateau governor claimed that Kwankwaso’s admission has thrown moral questions in the political turf. The statement, just like that of Isa Yuguda, the Bauchi governor wondered what kind of leadership Kwankwaso was providing with such a “mind luxuriating in unethical lyrics.”

“That the Kano Governor could walk cool out of the room wherein “they” had decided to set up Benue and Plateau for a national “fall” tells us a bit about why we may not capture back soon Nigeria’s political morality. That he could nominate Jang as consensus candidate and still not “vote” for him showed an incredible double-speak!,” the statement said.

Speaking further, the Plateau governor said, “Is this “game” part of the crafted Kwankwasiyya curriculum that must be passed by those under the governor’s tutelage? Is crass deception now being introduced as part of a leader’s necessary attitudinal regalia in Nigeria’s politics? Will this form part of our national values as we trudge toward 2015… and the years beyond?

“As we reflect further on the implication of what Governor Kwankwaso has ‘divulged’, there is still a generation in Kano, Jigawa, Nasarawa, Plateau and beyond that will reminisce at those glorious years of political brotherhood when Governor Abubakar Rimi and Governor Solomon Lar brought Kano and Plateau to an unbreakable and unshakeable bond of temperate unity (even though they belonged to different political parties and religions!) – a relationship that stood as an icon of national integration and regional mutuality.

“We refuse to consider that political deception should be celebrated as a national value or that it proves a graduation from elementary politics. Rather, leaders should be made to uphold universally accepted values such as truthfulness, unity, sincerity, courage and integrity. Not to do so is to consign “graduate leaders” to perpetual political elementarism.”

According to the Plateau commissioner, Gov. Jang never sought to vie for the NGF chairmanship and never wished to be the consensus candidate, and hence there was no way he could be disgraced. The statement claimed that Gov. Jang “will come out clean – unstained and untainted.”

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