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“He whose kernel has been cracked should be humble”: Rivers assembly leader has strong words for Wike


“He whose kernel has been cracked should be humble”: Rivers assembly leader has strong words for Wike

by Stanley Azuakola

Following the interview granted by the minister of state for education, Nyesom Wike, in which he took issues with the Rivers governor and boasted about the role he played in the emergence of the governor in 2007, the Leader of the Rivers State House of Assembly, Chidi Lloyd, has cautioned the minister to watch his tongue and be more humble.

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Lloyd accused Wike of turning himself into a demi god in the state, reminding him that even though it is true that he contributed in the past to Gov. Amaechi’s fortunes, he had reaped a lot of benefits as well.

“It is important that Wike should not arrogate to himself this new role of a demi god that he is trying to play in Rivers State. He may have done one thing or the other to assist or facilitate Rotimi’s emergence as Governor of Rivers State and since that time he has been paid back by Rotimi because when the whole of Obio/Akpor in his second tenor said he will not go, he took him to all the stakeholders in Obio/Akpor to allow him go. Senator John Mbata is alive, Dr. Peter Odili who they have carried to now to Aso rock is also alive, and he will say how Wike became Chairman for a second term.

”I have seen those who were Local government Chairmen first, second tenure with Wike, most of them are no longer politically relevant today. I’m also sure that he made himself Chief of staff and also wrote the list that they sent to Abuja that subsequently made him Minister, so anybody whose kernel has been cracked by the gods should be humble, I want to use this opportunity to appeal to my friend to be humble in this his new trait that is going on because what I foresee for him is not pleasant at all”.

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