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Video: The show of shame: When Hon. Evans Bipi arrived with his own thugs

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Video: The show of shame: When Hon. Evans Bipi arrived with his own thugs

by Dare Lawal

The happenings in the Rivers assembly on Monday continue to astound as more and more revelations and videos come into the open.

Earlier we brought you a video of what happened inside the chambers, when Hon. Chidi Lloyd used the mace to brutalise some of his colleagues. It was a vicious scene indeed, portraying the leader of the House, a strong Amaechi supporter as a common thug. But the thuggery in the Rivers House cut both ways.

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After that incident, when the state governor, Rotimi Amaechi, who allegedly came to the assembly with his own thugs had left, Evans Bipi, the leader of the five lawmakers in opposition who they chose as their speaker today arrived with his own thugs of course and tried to force his way into the House where the pro Amaechi lawmakers were already seated waiting to receive the state deputy governor, Tele Ikuru, who was to present amendment of the 2013 budget to the assembly.

However Bipi was restrained from entering by security operatives. He rebuffed the pleas by the deputy governor to calm down as he said he was “fighting for justice.” Bipi was heard saying in the video, “How can the governor came [sic] and use thugs to beat my colleagues.”

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Evans later attacked the Channels camera crew which was recording his every move.


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