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Rivers lawmaker defends vicious mace assault by House leader

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Rivers lawmaker defends vicious mace assault by House leader

by Stanley Azuakola

Nigerians continue to express shock over the gruesome scenes from the Rivers state assembly on Tuesday, in which lawmakers engaged in a violent brawl resulting in the hospitalisation of some of the members.

In a radio show monitored in Port Harcourt on Wednesday, a member of the state assembly, Hon. Victor Amadi, representing Etche 1 constituency, defended the House leader, Chidi Lloyd who was caught on camera bludgeoning a fellow member Michael Okechukwu Chinda repeatedly with a mace.

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Asked why Lloyd resorted to taking such a measure even though he had been attacked earlier, Amadi said, “At the point where your life is at stake, you do everything possible to protect yourself. And that was the position we found ourselves.”

When he was reminded that at the time Lloyd attacked, he was no longer under threat as his group had taken over the assembly and had more numbers, Hon. Amadi said, “What you should ask is what do you do when you are provoked beyond measure? What do you do? Now, what you saw was not even the full clip. Do you know for instance, that the security detail of Bipi cocked his gun twice in threats to us even after we returned? The other honourable, Kelechi Wogu, who was seen being beaten by a policeman, actually ordered his security detail to shoot the governor. Yes, he said that. That was a security detail attached to the governor beating him because you shouldn’t make such threats to the chief executive.”

Speaking further Amadi wondered why questions were not being asked about the impunity of 5 lawmakers attempting to overthrow the majority or the fact that the mace which they used and which was later used as a weapon by Hon. Chidi Lloyd, was actually a fake one.

On whether charges could be brought against Lloyd, he said legislative practise says that whatever happens within the chambers remains there but disclosed that the House would investigate it.

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