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Forget the rumours, Buhari and Tinubu are not quarrelling – Lai Mohammed insists

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Forget the rumours, Buhari and Tinubu are not quarrelling – Lai Mohammed insists

by Dare Lawal

When the idea of the All Progressives Congress was being muted, one of the reported agreements between two of its prime movers, Muhammadu Buhari of the CPC and Bola Tinubu of the ACN, was that they would both forgo elective positions and give younger elements in the party the chance.

However, recent statements by Buhari seem to indicate that the three-time presidential candidate is lining up for another attempt to run for office in 2015.

“My decision will be tied to the constitution of the APC. If the party chooses me as its candidate, I will contest; if they do not consider me, I will not contest but I will still support the party. My decision to run for 2015 will solely be the party’s decision,” Buhari said recently.

The statement, while deferring to the party’s supremacy, implied a willingness to run. That decision, according to some sources isn’t going down well with Tinubu, and is responsible for a rift between the two men.

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However, the interim national publicity secretary of the ACN, Lai Mohammed, has dismissed the rumours. He said that there are no no ill-feelings between the two APC leaders.

Mohammed spoke in an interview with Thisday newspaper, in which he described the stories of a rift as erroneous and mischievous.

“The alleged frosty relationship between the two former leaders of CPC and ACN Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu and General Muhammadu Buhari exists only in the imagination of the peddlers of the rumour. Absolutely, their relationship cannot be more cordial than it is at present, ” he said.

Speaking further, he said, “They are euphoric, they speak to one another and they are working together but in the imagination of some people there is war, that is what they thrive on.”

Mohammed also said that the party would soon begin the process of “mobilization and registration of members which will lead to congresses at the ward, local government and state levels culminating in the holding of a national convention where leaders of APC will emerge”.

He said there will be no imposition of candidates or any short-cut for any aspirant in the contest as everyone is expected to go through the internal democratic structures of the party to emerge as a candidate.

“Clearly the issue of mobilization of membership and preparations for the governorship elections in Anambra state will be uppermost in the agenda of the party. Also the senatorial bye-election in Delta will be in the front  burner of discussions at the meetings of the party, ” he said.

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