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Babatope Falade: PDP, the most formidable opposition to itself


Babatope Falade: PDP, the most formidable opposition to itself

by Babatope Falade

PDP is a house of commotion, a party of the mighty and lowly, of the weak and strong, the uncouth and furtive.

The country has been surprised and entertained endlessly by the actors in its polity- PDP, ACN, ACF, Northern Elders Forum, Afenifere etc, but not like the PDP. Today the president is making jabs at Amaechi, tomorrow Anenih and Dickson are making peace moves. PDP members file all sorts of orders, injunctions, publish advertorials and stall their own congresses. This sort of democracy is surely an interesting one with a liberal and attendant show of indiscipline and brazen disregard for party hierarchy and leaders. In PDP everyone is a leader and works to exercise their right.

In 1999 members of PDM, a virile political machinery engineered and oiled by late Shehu Musa Yar ‘Adua  formed the core of PDP . The party was drawn along multi-ethnic lines with a populist philosophy. Today PDM has branched out to form a party officially recognized by INEC. The South West leaders of PDP have received the wrong end of the stake as they have lamented marginalisation while people like ex Ekiti state governor, Segun Oni, have filed prayers against the party not to hold its zonal congress. The five flying governors are PDP governors and the source of imbroglio in the governors forum is orchestrated by PDP elements. Every great  set back to this behemoth of a party is orchestrated by people within it.

The greatest opposition to the PDP is the PDP itself. The official opposition asides giving jabs on economic indices feeds largely from wrangling within the PDP itself. This begs the question on how much the opposition can achieve if the PDP puts its house in order. ACN before APC seemed to have some level of decorum due to the authoritarian mechanism within that is necessary if it would galvanize to take power from PDP. However, can we say same for Okorocha’s APGA faction, CPC, ANPP? How well would this people fit in and how can we be sure that a critical location like the north and its politicians won’t abandon the APC project for PDP after huge cheques change hands? Yerima at a time recently was rumoured to be helping Goodluck Jonathan with rallying muslim leaders in the north. If you ask me, I would say after Buhari, Yerima is one of the few northern leaders that have the requisite political clout and mob followership in the north.

Would the north truly bow to a Tinubu leadership or wait till their opportunity  comes in the PDP, where they can have their 8years and settle themselves? I guess 2015 will tell.

The north east has been destabilized terribly  and that is the region that is most promising for Jonathan in 2015. The north west is surely a difficult area and the north central would do well for him. Again I must askv  would politics transcend  money incentives for values in 2015. If its about funds, the war chest of PDP is the largest. Many of the disputes with the governors originated from financial resources, would Goodluck use that as his ace? Let’s see.

Finally, the opposition needs to be more co-ordinated and exude sincerity of purpose because many Nigerians are looking up to them. We hope we don’t wake up and notice that the south-west all of a sudden voted for Jonathan again and the APC candidate wins only in Osun state. As far as PDP keeps being the greatest opposition to itself, we technically remain a one party state.

Babatope Folade is a critical theorist and could pass as a post-structuralist. He is a graduate of Pan African University, Victoria Island, Lagos. He has a passion for global and local policy analysis. His greatest influences are Emerson, Condoleeza Rice, Karl Marx,Joseph Schumpeter, Engels, Obafemi Awolowo, and Professor Robin Mansell. Folade currently works as a Business Analyst consultant to small businesses and a Research Associate with the Knowledge Economy Group at the Pan African University, Victoria Island, Lagos.

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