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“We would sheathe our swords only if GEJ drops ambition” – Gov. Kwankwaso’s Facebook page

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“We would sheathe our swords only if GEJ drops ambition” – Gov. Kwankwaso’s Facebook page

by Stanley Azuakola

In 2011, when the governor of Kano state, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, was running for the office of governor, he established his presence on social media. On Facebook, a page called Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso for Kano State Governor 2011 was opened. That page which currently has over 40 000 likes, has remained active since then and continues to publish activities of the state governor, his speeches, comments, interviews, photos, and other positions which he supports.

In the last few days, for instance, the page has posted the names of the new PDP leadership as appointed by the faction which Jang belongs, it has posted the governor’s anti-Odimegwu comments as well after the NPC boss granted a “tactless” interview.

Today, the Kwankwaso page posted that the only condition under which the aggrieved elements in the PDP who have now formed a parallel faction will sheathe their swords is if President Goodluck Jonathan drops his ambition to run for office in 2015. Even if most Nigerians have always believed this to be at the centre of most of the agitations by the touring Northern governors, it was not listed as one of the reasons why the faction was formed when they addressed the press on Saturday.

See post below:

We can only sheathe our swords when GEJ step down from running in 2015, and also let the party hold a fresh convention.

Zamudaina wannan gwagwarmaya ne kawai sanda shugaban Kasa Jonathan ya ajiye muradinsa nayin takara 2015, sanan kuma akayi sabon Taron Jam’iya nakasa.

When The Scoop contacted the chief press secretary to the Kano state governor, Baba Dantiye, asking him if the position expressed on the page represents that of Gov. Kwankwaso, he sent a message saying: “No comments.”

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