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Nana Nwachukwu: A secular Nigeria


Nana Nwachukwu: A secular Nigeria

by Nana Nwachukwu

Religion is the bane of any acclaimed secular state. It takes away the sanity of the people and replaces it with a jaundiced sense.

No, this is not about Senator Yerima telling us that the Child Rights Act does not have any standing amongst Muslim Children neither is it about pastors acquiring properties or issuing robust replies to accusations. This is about the totality of our existence as a country, one nation in unity.

We have to recognize that we have a problem in Nigeria. The problem is not only ethnicity, rather it is so clear that the religions we have held so dear to the point of death, is killing us.

This week, I saw a headline emblazoned across The Punch, I couldn’t believe it (Of course, we know journalists love sensations). I went ahead to read it, Borno State has concluded plans to demolish churches across the state.

We still live in a secular nation where everyone is accommodated with their beliefs or lack of it as long as it does not infringe on the right of another person. Let us not even go into the instance of infringing on rights at least we have clearly heard that children of a particular religious sect do not have the same rights as other Nigerian Children.

This is still a secular nation.

Just last week, I listened to the confessions of a certain man of God who was not only involved in cult activities, he also confessed to having led an armed robbery gang in the past but then what do we know, the Lord has forgiven him. In a sane nation, such confessions should merit him a trial here on earth, in the country which he committed those atrocities.

This is not a sane nation, it is a secular nation.

I remember in the words of Achebe, “The white man is very clever… He has put a knife on the things that held us together and we have fallen apart”. So clever that we fight and kill ourselves on tenets we do not understand. We have forgotten how to live according to our consciences and good will rather we are interested in defending the honour of our God/gods who ordinarily should defend themselves.

Like I said, this is not a sane nation. It is a secular nation.

This writer rants here —->@purehaire

P.S; I told my Editor that I must put down the random thoughts in my head today. Forgive my absence; I’m going through midlife crisis o! I won’t disappear without notice again.

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