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Nyako calls PDP a dead body, as he becomes second G7 governor to visit Jigawa in 48 hours

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Nyako calls PDP a dead body, as he becomes second G7 governor to visit Jigawa in 48 hours

by Stanley Azuakola

On Wednesday, it was Rabiu Kwankwaso, the Kano governor who visited Dutse, the Jigawa capital. He visited the site of the Jigawa International Airport which is under construction, but many believe the main crux of his visit was what happened behind closed doors when he met Gov. Sule Lamido of Jigawa. Unfortunately the details of that meeting is unknown.

After the meeting, he only told journalists that  he was in Dutse to discuss common issues on how to develop the two States, as both him and Lamido shared same political ideology.

Today, was the turn of the Adamawa governor, Murtala Nyako to visit Gov. Lamido in Dutse.

After the meeting, Nyako spoke critically against his party, the Peoples Democratic Party. Nyako is believed to be close to decamping into the opposition All Progressives Congress, as most of his political associates have made the move already.

He told journalists on Thursday that the Peoples Democratic Party may be buried as a lifeless body because of the flagrant abuse of power by its national leadership.

He said, “People leave even their religions for another and PDP is not a religion which means leaving it would not be regrettable.

“There is no regret for us or be accused of deserting a dead body because to me I would not want to be buried with a dead body. So PDP is a dead party and if they feel expelling us from the party is what they desired, so be it.

“The leadership of the party in Abuja has already given it a terrifying fatal upper-cut like in boxing and to leave a dead body of the already dead PDP is better than be buried with it.”

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