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Six Rivers commissioners intend to join Wike’s camp – PDP chairman

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Six Rivers commissioners intend to join Wike’s camp – PDP chairman

by Segun Odeleye

On Sunday, during the inauguration of ward executives of the Grassroots Development Initiative (GDI), a political group formed by the supervising minister of education Nyesom Wike, the PDP chairman in the state claimed that there were six commissioners in the cabinet of Rivers governor, Rotimi Amaechi, who planned to join Wike’s camp.

He said: “I have good news for you. We are marching forward. I came a bit late, because six of Amaechi’s commissioners said they are fed up with the governor’s leadership style and they have asked me to tell this great crowd that in the next rally of GDI, they will come out openly and declare for GDI. These serving commissioners have indicated that they are going to voluntarily resign. Before the end of next month, you will see them here and they will address you, because they are fed up with the administration of Amaechi.”

However, the Rivers State Government has said there was no crack in the state executive council and that no member of Governor Chibuike Amaechi’s cabinet has plans to join the camp of the supervising Minister of Education, Chief Nyesom Wike.

According to the state Commissioner for Information and Communication, Ibim Semenitari, members of the state executive council were intact and determined to deliver democracy dividends to the people.

Semenitari said: “It’s obvious that the achievements of Amaechi far exceed what the Grass Roots Initiative can bring against the administration. The cabinet of Gov. Amaechi remains intact. No commissioner has any plans to resign and no commissioner is joining GDI. The commissioners in this cabinet had a commitment to deliver to Rivers people based on the vision of our leader, His Excellency, Governor Chibuike Amaechi.

“We do not have any plans to do anything that will even remotely, affect the progress of Rivers’ people. To join GDI, or even to relate with them, will not be in the interest of Rivers’ people because these are people, whose only interest is to loot the resources of the people.”

She also said the governor had always said he was not power drunk and relied on God and the people of the state for his mandate, adding that the powers of the governor were guaranteed in the constitution of the country stressing that the governor was a democrat.

In his own reaction, the Chief of Staff of Government House, Port Harcourt, Okocha, described the claim as laughable and urged Nigerians to watch out in the next GDI rally if the six commissioners would leave the administration as claimed by Obuah.

Okocha said: “What we want Rivers, people and Nigerians to watch out for is if by the next rally the six commissioners will openly declare. I want Nigerians to hold him to his words and test the veracity of it by waiting to see that happen by the next rally of the GDI. Where it fails, they should all be seen as liars.

“I feel sorry for them because the supervising minister for education heads a ministry that had collapsed. In a responsible society, the minister should have bothered to read the agreement reached between ASUU and the federal government and plead with well meaning Nigerians to end the strike.”

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