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“The Nigerian police is now the armed wing of the PDP” – APC governors

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“The Nigerian police is now the armed wing of the PDP” – APC governors

by Segun Odeleye

The Progressive Governors Forum (PGF) which comprises all opposition governors in the All Progressives Congress (APC), has condemned the actions of the Nigerian police and its alleged close romance with the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

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The PGF said it was dismayed that for the second weekend in a row, “officers of the Nigeria Police illegally stormed and disrupted a meeting by seven governors and other Nigerians going about their constitutionally guaranteed rights of association.” It said that this “alarming” acts by the police shows that it has “become no more than the armed wing of the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP).”

About a week ago, the police disrupted a meeting of the G7 governors which was scheduled to hold at the Adamawa State Governor’s Lodge in Abuja. Then last weekend, the police force led by the DPO of the Asokoro Police station, CSP Nnanna Ama disrupted a G7 caucus meeting at the Kano State Governor’s Lodge.

According to the Progressive Governors Forum, “For a DPO to have the impudence to force his way into the meeting of perceived opponents of President Goodluck Jonathan to disrupt meeting of governors and members of the Senate and the House of Representatives that were duly elected by Nigerians, and also threaten them with arrest can only indicate that the orders must have come from the Presidency. But for the police to carry out what is evidently an illegal order reflects a new low in the history of the Nigerian police.”

The PGF also called for a “probe into the PDP – Nigeria Police relations.”

“Is the police established and paid to serve all Nigerians or merely to serve the interests of the PDP? If the police have become the armed wing of the PDP, then what differentiates it from the terror tactics of those who seek to violently impose their political beliefs on others?” the PGF asked.

The PGF statement further hailed the “resilience, tenacity and patriotic commitments of the G7 Governors and all leaders of the New PDP calls on them to continue the fight to rescue Nigeria from the grip of a tiny clique that has cornered the political space in Nigeria and now regards the rights and commonwealth of Nigerians as disposable in their desperation to continue in office despite growing unrest in the polity occasioned by PDP’s politics of poverty exclusion. We wish to emphatically restate our resolve to join hands ad work with our colleagues in G7 and New PDP to ensure that the current regressive trend towards authoritarianism, increasing poverty, unemployment and incompetent leadership is arrested.

“The PGF also restates its position that another four years of the PDP and the current administration will spell doom for Nigeria and its over 170 million people, thus our determination to rescue Nigeria and provide security and prosperity for Nigerians.”

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