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“GEJ and EFCC are trying to blackmail me”: Lamido speaks out for the first time since arrest of his two sons

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“GEJ and EFCC are trying to blackmail me”: Lamido speaks out for the first time since arrest of his two sons

by Dare Lawal

The Jigawa governor whose two sons were arrested two weeks ago by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) over allegations of money laundering, has claimed that the reason the EFCC came after members of his family was so that he could be silenced and forced to change his position.

He however insisted that “whatever wants to happen, let it happen. I cannot apologize over my stand. If insisting on due process, internal party democracy, rule of law is a crime, I am ready to defend my stand. It is laughable that among all the 36 governors, it’s Lamido they want to tag with corruption.”

Lamido said these when he was paid a courtesy visit at the Government House, Dutse by the Emir of Gumel, Alhaji Sani Ahmed.

He said “some politicians believe that they can use intimidation and threat to have their way. In the last 30 years I have suffered all kinds of intimidation and harassment you can think of and so there is nothing new. All these harassments cannot break Sule Lamido.

“I am a human being and I can make mistake, but honestly speaking in the last six years I have tried my best for Jigawa State and even President Jonathan has testified to that severally when he visited Jigawa. I have tried to be just and fair in running affairs of this state to the best of my ability. Jonanthan, Lamurde and the SSS cannot say they love Jigawa State more than me. My culture and faith thought me justice and fairness.”

Speaking about what he believes to be the strategy of those after him, the governor said, “I have been following all the tricks employed by the government to blackmail me. First, when Aminu was arrested in December last year over alleged money laundering of 40,000 dollars, the Pilot owned by Jonathan wrote that Aminu was arrested with N3million. Three weeks later, the same paper said Aminu confessed that he laundered N37 billion for me in the last six years.

“They did not stop there. Government agents went to the Sultan of Sokoto and told him that Aminu had N2 billion in his private account. They also went to the National Assembly and told my allies there that Lamido’s son was found with N2billion in his account. All these were done to blackmail me, because they know I am close to the Sultan.”

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