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Sustaining our steady march to progress: Text of Governor-Elect Willie Obiano’s acceptance speech


Sustaining our steady march to progress: Text of Governor-Elect Willie Obiano’s acceptance speech

By Willie Obiano

Beloved Anambrarians, to the Glory of Almighty God and the kind support of my family, I stand before you tonight to accept this historical mandate given to me and Dr Nkem Okeke.

Ndi Anambra, this is the moment we have been waiting for; the moment we have collectively worked for and hoped for. Tonight, the expressed will of the people have been finally enthroned.

Ndi be anyi, I stand here tonight in the shadow of history. You made history when on November 16 and today, you cast your votes in favour of APGA. In doing so, you have affirmed the life long struggle of our great father, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu. You also upheld his view that our people should preserve our heritage through one united political roof. Ndi Anambra I want to thank you for honouring the memory of late Ikemba. Umu nnem, Dalu nu!

In voting Dr. Nkem Okeke and I as Deputy Governor and Governor-elect, you have also expressed your wish that the tradition of excellence which my brother, His Excellency Governor Peter Obi has entrenched in Anambra State these past 8 years should be sustained. I wish to assure you that Nkem and I are ready and adequately prepared to expand the boundaries of our development and place Anambra State on the map of rapidly advancing states on all parameters of development.
Nkem and I are fully aware that after Governor Obi’s glorious reign, Anambra can only advance to higher glory. As inheritors of this tradition of purposeful leadership, we shall dedicate ourselves to a life of service. Our administration shall be responsible and responsive to your needs.

Ndi Anambra, His Excellency, Governor Obi has shown us that our collective limitation is in us and not in our stars. Throughout history, societies that have crossed the threshold of development have always worked collectively as one. Development comes faster when there is a social contract between the leaders and the people.  We need your goodwill and support to build on the great foundations we have inherited. And I hope we will get it. So, I call on all good people of Anambra state to join hands with us and sustain the progress we have made these past 8 years. This is one call that we must all answer because our people have a saying that “Nkemjika.”

History has shown that no remarkable human advancement ever comes through without a price. As an industrious people, Anambrarians are naturally built for the tasking commitment that the long stride to greatness requires. Ndi Anambra, now is the time to reclaim our heritage of greatness! Now is the time to repossess our rightful place under God’s green earth as builders of the new civilization. My good people of Anambra State, as I urge you to gird your loins for the task ahead, I say so because I know that we can do it!

Ladies and gentlemen, permit me also to fully acknowledge the ceaseless struggles and visionary leadership of the National Chairman of our great party, APGA, Chief Victor Umeh. Chief Umeh is a proof that under the right leadership, the famous Igbo spirit that once made our people great in the colonial period can rise again. His raw energy, charisma and amazing brilliance are the reason why we celebrate the result we have tonight. Thank you my honourable Chairman. Ohamadike!!!

I also wish to thank our ebullient governor, His Excellency Mr. Peter Obi for the vision and confidence in me and Nkem. Your Excellency, onye nwelu gi nwelu ife! Okwute!!!

As we celebrate this victory tonight, I reach out my hand of fellowship to all my brothers who contested this election with me. I specifically urge my brothers Tony Nwoye, Ifeanyi Ubah, Senator Chris Ngige, Godwin Ezeemo and many others that I cannot easily mention now for lack of time, to join us in the march to make Anambra State a better place. Please always remember that the blood that binds us is thicker than the politics that separates us!

I must thank the Federal Government for providing a conducive and secure environment for this election. I also thank the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for conducting the most peaceful, free and fair election in the history of Anambra State. My gratitude also goes to the security agencies, the Nigerian Police Force, the Nigerian Army and Navy and all the groups that provided a conducive environment for our people to perform their civic duties.

I would like to specially express my profound gratitude to all my party men and women who worked tirelessly to achieve the victory we celebrate tonight.  Ndi Anambra, this victory is for you all!

Thank you!

Long live Anambra State

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria


APGA! Onye aghana nwanneya!


Chief Willie Obiano
Anambra State

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