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“Did Buhari turn Nigeria into Dubai?”: Asari Dokubo says Buhari is a criminal and serial failure

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“Did Buhari turn Nigeria into Dubai?”: Asari Dokubo says Buhari is a criminal and serial failure

by Segun Odeleye

Following his release by the authorities of Benin Republic as a result of the pressure from Nigeria’s president Goodluck Jonathan, ex-warlord Asari Dokubo has begun to pay some of the debt.

The highly inflammable Dokubo who is a vocal supporter of Pres. Goodluck Jonathan took to Facebook to blast Buhari out of the blues. It’s unclear what prompted the Buhari attack because the first thing he postd on the matter talked about a “mistake” but did not state what the mistake was.

Here’s what he said:

“This is the greatest mistake made by these criminals who want to seize power at all cost….How can the criminal Buhari be better than any human being…a man totally bereft of any idea about governing or admistering even a village council….The gang of thieves he belong look at him as the most hypocritical amidst them….they don’t want him to fly their flag…They failed in Benin….So will they fail flat Insha Allahu before Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan.”

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As usual, the post elicited both positive and negative comments. Dokubo however went into a testy exchange with a Facebook friend of his who is a Buhari supporter. The friend, Oladeji Ikuesan wrote that “we are comfortable with the little we have seen and know about Buhari. But the good thing to note here is that Buhari’s destiny (even @ 70) and charisma is giving you sleepless night while the people’s General is sleeping peacefully after enjoying his “hot tuwo” and “chilled kunu”!”

To that comment, Asari said, “What did you see of Buhari?…Were our Airports like what they are today….was the railway working….was the Lagos/Benin Express as it is today…Above all did he transform Nigeria into Singapore or Dubai…The man Buhari is a serial failure.”

Ikuesan: “Is Buhari the reason why President Goodluck Jonathan’s home town “Otueke” is yet to have good drainage network and clean health care centers? It might interest you to read more about “Buharinomics”. As a Niger Deltan myself born and raised in the ghetto in Warri I don’t need anybody to educate me about our region…. The elders failed us …. The self-acclaimed freedom fighters (though we believed them at first) failed us – they are all $$$Billionaires today to the detriment of their people…. Sadly, the Niger Delta Ph.D President is currently disappointing Nigeria with full speed on “autobahn”.”

Asari: ” Answer the very simple questions I asked you…?For your information I am not a billionaire and I did not make most of what I have today from the Niger Delta.”

Ikuesan: “Buhari’s works speaks for him…. He left power decades ago yet non of the present day Nigerian politicians and emergency billionaires (including those in Niger Delta) can stand him when it comes to caring about the interest of the poor and anti-corruption. We grew up in the Niger Delta with the lies most of you fed us with… Bros, this is 2013 not the 80’s or 90’s. You are dealing with the most informed generation in human history. You can call him Fulani-man, Gambari or whatever but we the Niger Delta youths that are still in control of our minds prefers him to the brainless, shameless and visionless Niger Delta self-acclaimed elders. While the world is moving on the Niger Delta self-acclaimed leaders keep on accumulating pieces of papers designed with glittering inks, drinking sapele water non-stop, chasing women (even dieing on top of women in Abuja), putting on hat 24/7 and going about with walking stick without any direction. I won’t be surprised if Orubebe becomes TIME’s man of the year too….” Second base jare” – apologies to #Fela.”

After reading that, Asari asked Ikuesan if Buhari transformed Nigeria into Singapore or Dubai, to which Ikuesan responded by saying, “Have you transformed Kalabari to Oshodi? OR has Mr. President transformed Otueke…? Buhari achieved more in less than 2yrs than GEJ…. Nobody should bobo us about foreign analysis and foreign awards…”

Their back and forth went on for a while with Ikuesan taking pains to explain ‘Buharinomics’ and all what he believed to be the achievements of Buhari. Asari on the other hand took great pains as well in blasting Buhari and explaining how people were desperately trying to “scrub Buhari’s Black Pot shining clean with vim and bleach.”

Life is however too short to dwell on Asari’s matters and rants. So let’s call it a day.

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