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Suswam blames PDP leaders for crisis

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Suswam blames PDP leaders for crisis

by Ayobami Olopade

The last has not been heard of the defection of five governors from the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) to the All Progressives Congress(APC) as Governor Gabriel Suswam of Benue State has accused the leadership of the PDP of nonchalance in allowing five of its governors to defect to the APC.

Speaking with Vanguard, Suswam stated that the PDP took its dominance of Nigerian politics for granted, “What has happened about the five governors defecting to an opposition party is something that is very unfortunate. It is something that should not have happened if we were strategic enough.”

He lamented that it was unfortunate that the five governors defected to the opposition, but declared that it is not time to brood over the actions of the governors but to strategise on how to reposition the party and assured that despite the defection of the governors and the crisis in the PDP, the party would still retain its ruling status.

“But it has happened, you can’t cry over spilt milk. What we need to do now is to strategise; that is my approach to politics. When you have a situation like this, you strategise by going back to the drawing board and you will be surprised at what will happen.”

The governor, who is one of the close allies to President Goodluck Jonathan, admitted that the current crisis in the PDP was unprecedented in the history of the party, “The dimension of what is happening within the PDP is different from what has happened in the past”, but confidently declared that “There is going to be a chain of events in a few months that will clearly indicate that Nigerians will vote PDP come 2015. I have no fears at all about that.”

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