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I avoid making speeches these days, says Pres. Jonathan; then he makes a speech

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I avoid making speeches these days, says Pres. Jonathan; then he makes a speech

By Paul Osas

President Goodluck Jonathan on Sunday said he avoids making speeches nowadays for fear of being misconstrued.

At the Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) where he attended service on the first Sunday of the year, Jonathan said: “I’m not going to read a speech because I avoid making speeches this time around so that I will not be misinterpreted.”

He however went on to make a speech, in which he spoke on a range of issues including terrorism and the state of the political sector in Nigeria.

On the insurgency in the North, Jonathan declared that no individual or group is capable of holding the country to ransom, adding that “Boko Haram will surely go.”

He said: “Boko Haram is temporary, Boko Haram will surely go. A number of countries are facing similar challenges and some have been able to overcome it and surely we will overcome Boko Haram. Life in the North must change; development must go to all parts of this country. Nobody or group can hold this country to ransom. We will collectively liberate this country from the hands of any evil person so that we can leave behind a Nigeria that our children and grandchildren will be proud of.”

On the perceived tension in Nigeria’s political space, President Jonathan said it is not peculiar to Nigeria, citing the near shut down of the United States Government.

He said, “I will not bore you, but let me reassure you again that the political environment are always noisy all over the world. There is nowhere you won’t hear so much noise. Even the USA, not long ago, the country was almost shut down. For so many months people were worried that the country that has practised democracy for so many years could get to that situation. But that is politics for you. But let me reassure you that we will continue to work harder to improve the quality of lives of Nigerians.”

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