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Critics of Pres. Jonathan are ignorant, ill-mannered and lack home training, says Sarah Jibril

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Critics of Pres. Jonathan are ignorant, ill-mannered and lack home training, says Sarah Jibril

by Dare Lawal

In 2011 she was a critic of Pres. Jonathan who wanted to become president after Jonathan’s one year in charge following the death of Pres. Umaru Yaradua. Shortly after the elections however, Sarah Jibril, the self-styled ‘Mama Nigeria’ was appointed by Jonathan as his special adviser on ethics and values. Now, she has become a fierce advocate for the president and his policies.

As a woman who advises on ethics these days, her verdict against the opposition in Nigeria adopted choice. She said that critics of the president lack basic home training and as a result of their ill-manner and philosophical bankruptcy, they have resorted to bad politics of insulting the president of their country.

Jibril was responding to the APC’s press statement which called the Jonathan administration an “incompetent government and flip-flopping” one, and said that the presidency acts like a “punch-drunk driver.”

Speaking at a roundtable conference on cultural diplomacy in Nigeria and Africa for peace and security, Jibril said that while it is the responsibility of government to educate them, critics of the president should be more civil in addressing issues concerning the president. She advised them to show decorum of self and national respect in the manner in which they address the president.

She said, “It is a mixture of ignorance and personal bad manners. In addition, it boils down to philosophical bankruptcy as well as personal ego for people to criticise rather than make contributions. It is the responsibility of the government to re-educate them. I appreciate that Mr President is not responding to every insult that is coming up. Our business in government is to continue tolerantly, patiently and lovingly to educate the people, explaining what we are trying to do.

“Insulting the president is a bad definition of politics. There is a way you can raise observations. But I think they should have much more human civilisation input that you are talking to a person you voted for and he has avenue of advice but you take it personally to insult the president of the Federal Republic of your country.

“It means that person is showing lack of home training. He is showing a lack of good manners and ethical maturity.”

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