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CNPP says Jonathan likes only the Dangotes, Otedolas and Adenugas of this world

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CNPP says Jonathan likes only the Dangotes, Otedolas and Adenugas of this world

by Segun Odeleye

The Conference of Nigerian Political Parties (CNPP) has said that it agrees with President Goodluck Jonathan that he doesn’t hate the North per se. The party however contended that it was not just the Northern masses that the president hated but the entire Nigerian masses both North and South.

In a statement signed by its national publicity secretary, Osita Okechukwu, the CNPP said that “The truth of the matter is that President Jonathan by his inchoate, and anti-peoples’ economic model, an economic policy which is at variance with the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria hates the entire Nigerian masses, even those in Bayelsa.”

The CNPP’s critical statement further contended that the people who Jonathan was in love with are the “less than 1% Nigerians like Alhaji Aliko Dangote, Femi Otedola, Mike Adenuga, Tony Elemelu etc.

“Otherwise how can one reconcile the paradox of the man who went to school without shoes and who said yesterday that, ‘I often use myself as a good example. I grew up in a peasant home, if I did not go to school there is no way I would have been here today. What has made me to be here today is education…; subscribing to anti-peoples’ economic model that says share the money for government has no business in business. We believe he went to school when the Federal Government had a robust education program that cushioned the poor and elevated standard.

“How can the North or South develop when a regime that inherited over $10 billion in the Excess Crude Account from late Umaru Musa Yaradua, collects crude oil revenue that never went below $90 per barrel, collects over N3 triilon annually from Federal Inland Revenue Service and over 1 trillion from Nigeria Customs Service; but failed woefully to invest in critical infrastructure, and spends over N1 trillion annually in importation of petroleum products?

“How can the North and South develop with the pervasive and monumental corruption going on under President Jonathan’s watch?”

The CNPP said it cannot applaud President Jonathan when as president, he has deliberately “failed to adopt the welfare economic model, failed to build refineries to stop fuel product importation, failed to develop the Mambilla Hydo-Power Station, the Coal-belt in Enugu, Benue, Kogi and Gombe, the Bitumen Belt in Ondo etc. How long do we wait for the Chinese, Dangote and Co generosity?”

Speaking further, the CNPP spokesman expressed amusement at “the hype that Mr President mounts on the new Federal Universities which he established; when paradoxically he cannot adequately fund the existing universities. And regrettably none of Nigerian university is listed among the first 1000 universities globally.”

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