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“Amaechi has not started crying yet” – boasts Nyesom Wike

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“Amaechi has not started crying yet” – boasts Nyesom Wike

by Segun Odeleye

Rivers state is experiencing a peculiar situation. There are two strong camps dictating the politics of the state – one camp is loyal to Pres. Goodluck Jonathan and is being led by Nyesom Wike, the minister of education; while the other camp is loyal to Gov. Rotimi Amaechi.

However it appears that independent state organs like the police are being used by the camp loyal to the president to unfairly deny the Amaechi camp the right to assemble constitutionally. Whereas groups loyal to Pres. Jonathan and Wike meet regularly and are never harassed by security agents but given adequate protection, those loyal to Gov. Amaechi are repeatedly being harassed.

Last weekend, two pro-Jonathan rallies in Omoku and Degema held smoothly without hitches whereas a rally organised by an Amaechi aligned group, Save Rivers Movement in Khana, was hampered.

Over the weekend, the minister of education, bragged that no policeman can arrest members of the Grassroots Democratic Initiative (GDI), which he leads.

He said that the reason GDI rallies were not being disrupted whereas those of the Save Rivers Movement (SRM) were being disrupted was because GDI members follow due process.

“They will always ensure that they endure until the police clear them before holding meeting,” he said.

Wike spoke during GDI inauguration and thanksgiving at Agric Field in Degema Local Government Area of the state.

The Minister said he was happy about the resignation of two commissioners in River’s executive, adding that GDI had become stronger and confident.

He said: “We are free of any arrest; no police will arrest any member of GDI or interrupt their activities or gathering in this state. Don’t forget it is Amaechi who was ordering police to arrest GDI members anywhere they are gathering.

“Now he is the one crying over arrest and disruption of APC gathering in the state. He has not started crying; the police will continue to chase them until they learn how to follow the due process before hosting any meeting or rally.

“Rivers State is for PDP. I want to officially thank the two commissioners who have returned to where they belong. The best thing for Governor Ameachi is to resign and have peace because as long he remains the governor, he will never have peace.”

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