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Sam Nda-Isaiah: Who wants to be the next PDP ex-chairman?


Sam Nda-Isaiah: Who wants to be the next PDP ex-chairman?

by Sam Nda-Isaiah

Bamanga Tukur was finally thrown out last week. President Jonathan and Dame Jonathan finally threw in the towel and withdrew their support when it became clear that insisting on Bamanga was increasingly becoming implausible. It was a great pity that a person of Bamanga’s pedigree and upbringing would have to be removed, kicking and screaming without any form of self-respect. I refrained throughout from making any comments on Bamanga because of my indirect personal relationship with him. I could not believe at a point that Bamanga could say that he was the only one who could guarantee that Jonathan is returned as president as his reason for wanting to remain. That level of sycophancy was extremely embarrassing to some of us. Bamanga has made good as a person from a very early age and it is really a thing of sadness that he had to be doing this now. Thank God he has finally been saved from himself. Pity!

But the opposition APC is not happy that Bamanga left eventually. Two people that would have made APC’s 2015 job easier were President Jonathan and Bamanga himself. Bamanga continued to fragment his party, speaking “anyhow”, suspending governors and insulting others that they (APC men) could afford to go on vacation for a few days if they wanted to. A few months ago, I confronted a leader of the APC accusing the leaders of wasting too much time. He asked why I was so worried when Bamanga and Jonathan were excellently “doing our work for us”. We had a good laugh. It was true. The APC will miss Bamanga sorely.

But, as I once said on this page, the disorder and total confusion that has now engulfed the PDP is clearly God-ordained. It is God’s hand that is at work to save the weeping people of Nigeria. And, no matter who emerges as Bamanga’s successor, the PDP will continue to slide until it finally crashes.

Twenty-four hours to the emergence of the new PDP chairman, a fresh crisis had already started. The governors wanted Alhaji Gambo Lawan but Dame Patience wanted and insisted on Alhaji Idris Umar. I don’t know what her business in this matter is. I tried to find out who Diezani was supporting, to know where the pendulum would eventually swing, but I was not successful. This means that whoever emerges would start with unnecessary problems. But, more importantly, the coming PDP crisis that would make the Second World War child’s play and make a complete fool of whoever is chairman has been reserved for the time after President Jonathan has declared his intention to seek re-election.

The problem was only 10 per cent Bamanga, even though Bamanga was most unfair to himself by allowing himself to get into that rubbish. Jonathan and his 2015 ambition constituted 90 per cent of the problem. And the president’s 2015 problem is not really the fact that he entered into an agreement with anyone in 2011 not to contest or “it is the turn” of the north. It is simply because he has so mismanaged the country that there is the genuine fear among most Nigerians that, if allowed to remain in power beyond 2015, he could irreversibly destroy the country.

But, again, tell me which PDP chairman has left the throne without having to be forced out? President-elect Olusegun Obasanjo started scheming to remove Solomon Lar, the pioneer chairman, even before he was sworn in as president in 1999. The same Obasanjo forced Lar’s successor, Barnabas Gemade, out. Audu Ogbeh, the best of them all, was forced out by the same Obasanjo with a gun cocked to his head. I cannot immediately remember the circumstances under which Ahmadu Ali left. His successor, Vincent Ogbulafor, was removed by Jonathan and sent straight to the EFCC so he could answer to charges allegedly committed six years before he became chairman. He is still in court trying to avert a jail sentence. Dr Bello Haliru, who took over from Ogbulafor in an acting position, had to leave because the chairmanship slot was zoned by the party to the north-east. He was appointed minister of defence by Jonathan who subsequently disgraced him out of office. Bamanga Tukur’s PDP adventure is now history. The next PDP chairman may not be as lucky as Bamanga.

Witches Predict Victory For Jonathan In 2015

Good news for Jonathan. THE UNION, the brand new newspaper out of Lagos, reported yesterday that it had had an exclusive interview with the spokesperson of the Witches and Wizards Association of Nigeria (WITZAN), Dr Okhue Iboi, who declared that the matter of President Jonathan’s victory had been decided in the covens. A coven is a community or gathering of witches. An ideal coven is usually made up of 13 witches and wizards. So what this Dr Iboi is saying is that they have settled for Jonathan.

There must be something unique about the Jonathan presidency that thieves, crooks, militants and now witches and wizards love so much that they want him to continue, if possible, forever.  Everyone will agree that anyone who profits from a crime must be guilty of it. I do not know whether Jonathan has any relationship with these devils, as the spokesman did not say so.

But I have always known that the devil is a liar. If the witches are so enchanted by Jonathan, they can have him and make him the president and commander-in-chief of their association. Nigerians would be very glad to “dash” him to them. But Nigeria’s fate will not be decided by witches and wizards. God will enthrone His choice for Nigeria in 2015.

– This Best Outside Opinion was written by Sam Nda-Isaiah/Leadership

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