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Ekiti government takes new media actors on a 12-hour tour of 12 LGAs

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Ekiti government takes new media actors on a 12-hour tour of 12 LGAs

By Stanley Azuakola

For 12 hours on Friday, the Ekiti state government took key social media actors, activists, bloggers, factivists and young influencers on a tour of projects across 12 local governments in the state.

From the Ikogosi Warm Springs resort where the over 60 participants were lodged, they were taken on a guided tour that took them to Ekiti communities like Ilawe, Ado, Ikole, Itapaji, Oye, Okemesi, among others.

Aides of the state governor led by the deputy chief of staff, led the visitors and explained the direction the state government had been taking the state. Roads constructed, schools renovated and some “legacy projects” were inspected. Participants also took in the sights at the land of the rolling hills,  including visiting the point where the hot and cold water meets at the Ikogosi spring resort.

The visitors’ tour was conducted without the presence of security guarss accompanying the guests, a move which the organisers said was done to underscore the fact that Ekiti is a peaceful state. That fact was underscored when no police check point or disturbance by locals was recorded in the course of the 12-hour tour.

Some of the projects visited were the Ekiti Pavilion and Civic Centre which are both still under construction,  the Funmi Olayinka Cancer Diagnostic Centre built in honour of the late former deputy governor of the state, Okuyemi Kayode stadium, and the General Hospital, Ado-Ekiti being built and names after the Ewi of Ado-Ekiti.

The visitors were also taken to the Itapaji Dam, as well as the Ero Dam, both of which are being used for irrigation projects. The 40 hectares Upland Farms Ltd owned by the Datkex Group which will be irrigated with water from the Itapaji dam was also visited. The farm will be used in cultivating tomatoes and maize at the first instance.

The tour was rounded off with a courtesy visit to the Owa-Ooye of Okemesi, Oba (Dr.) Michael Gbadebo Adedeji, who called on all Ekiti people to support the efforts of the state governor.

The visit of the new media actors continues on Saturday in what the organiser are tagging as a “no holds barred session” with Gov. Kayode Fayemi.

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