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Game on: APC hires US media strategy firm that advised Obama, De Blasio, Tymochenko and others

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Game on: APC hires US media strategy firm that advised Obama, De Blasio, Tymochenko and others

by Stanley Azuakola

The All Progressives Congress (APC) is showing that it means business this time around in its desire to wrest power from the grip of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). In line with that, it announced in a statement that it has hired prominent international political consultants AKPD Message and Media to boost its electoral chances in the upcoming elections.

AKPD Message and Media are not small names when it comes to the political messaging and media strategy game. The company was founded by David Axelrod, who was chief strategist for the Barack obama presidential campaign and went on to become senior adviser to President Barack Obama after he became the US president. The other founding partners were John Kupper, David Plouffe (who was Obama’s campaign manager), and John Del Cecato (who was media advisor to the Obama campaign).

Considering that Axelrod and Plouffe went on to serve in the White House, the firm was sold to Kupper, Del Cecato and Larry Grisolano.

Obama is not the only notable personality on the list. AKPD has also consulted for John Edwards in the 2004 US presidential campaign, Yulia Tymochenko (who won the 2010 Ukrainian election), and they crafted the brilliant ad last year for new New York Mayor, De Blasio, featuring his son Dante, which is believed to have given him the surge that propelled him to the mayor’s office. AKPD has also done successful political work in African countries like Kenya and Ghana, which is one of the reasons they were hired by the APC.

According to Lai Mohammed, the APC publicity secretary, “As a party destined to bring change and succour to the long suffering people of Nigeria, the APC is proud and excited to work with one of the foremost exponents of change in the world, especially with their track record of success in political climates akin to ours, notably in Kenya, Tanzania and Ghana. With this strategic partnership, the process of change in Nigeria has already begun and it can’t be stopped.”

The APC revealed that it has been working closely with AKPD Message and Media over the past few months and “we shall leverage on the firm’s skill, experience and expertise throughout the upcoming campaign cycle.”

AKPD touts its partners as experts on campaign strategy, public affairs messaging, and political advertising

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